Hong Kong 2011- Day 3 Part 2

29 Dec

Hi there! I forgot to mention that when you arrived at the airport, the most important thing that you MUST TAKE is the MAP. Really helpful to find your way to different places 😉

Okay so continuing from my Hongkong day 3- Part 1 post (see tab at the side)

We spent half a day at the peak and here’s the other half of the day 🙂

We were really hungry by the time we headed back to central so we decided to go to some of the must go foodie places that was on our list. The list was compiled either from reading other bloggers’ post/forum or research.

The first foodie place: LAN FONG YUEN

Address: No.2, Gage st, Central.
Operating Hours: 7am-6pm, Closed on Sundays

Spot out for sign to gage street!

It’s a must go place when you come to hongkong. Lan Fong Yuen is the birthplace for hong kong’s famous si wa milk tea. It’s really the best milk tea I’ve ever drank so far, you definitely must try it.

Here’s the menu

Take a look at the milk tea. Looks YUM hey?

How can we not ordered any food when we were so hungry isn’t it? Another must order dish was the pork bun. Initially when it came, we thought it was chicken cause it looks and kinda taste like it. But when we saw the other people ordering the same and yes we confirmed that it is the pork bun.

There are also newspaper article for reports on their recommended food 😉 here’s one of them

Here’s the pork bun

Oh by the way, just-so-you-know, hongkong cafe requires you to share tables with strangers (so no table hogging). It feels kinda awkward initially cause everybody is like looking at how you’re eating? (psychologically, hahaha)

Next we saw some others ordering this dish (direct translation from chinese is oily chicken noodle) so we decided to try!
And yes the taste is not-too-bad. You can tried it too the next time round 🙂

2 cups of milk tea, pork bun & noodle= HK$78 (S$13), Really worth it! 😉

Thereaafter, just down the street, we head to Tai Cheong Bakery which is famous for its yummy egg tarts! 😀

Address: 35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
Opening Hours: 7.30am to 9pm

Spot the shop! 😀

one egg tart is really affordable! It’s HK$5 (S$0.80)
initially I wanted to wake up early on my last day to buy some back home but we couldn’t wake up on time. According to the sales lady, the egg tarts can be kept up to 3days.

I read on one of the food blogger that their’ donuts are pretty decent too so we tried one also for HK$5 (S$0.80)
My opinion: It tastes very sugary and eggy which I don’t really like it. Well, personal preference I supposed.

One of my objectives in HongKong was to purchase my party supplies for my 21st birthday! I didn’t managed to research any places that sells party supplies specifically for retro stuff. So on the way for the search of food, we saw this place!

Look out for this sign! 🙂

and this prominent hair band stall! and turn in the street.

It sells wigs, feathers, hat, costumes etc. anything you need for a party!
If I’m not wrong, it’s along peddlers’ street 🙂

I spent HK$185 (S$30.8) on my party supplies. It includes 6 long feathers, 1 retro hat. It’s not really that cheap but least its cheaper than the amount in Singapore.

Thereafter we headed back to causeway bay, times square for some shopping! First stop was to Lane Crawford in search of Haviannas. Sadly after going rounds and rounds and the next day to another Lane Crawford, we than found out from the salesperson that during winter, Haviannas is not available! #disappointed face

Even though we couldn’t get our Haviannas, there was christmas decorations up at the malls! 😀 Look at the Barbie dolls display.

Barbie and Ken

It’s a Barbie house exterior

and if you look closer…. It’s a chandelier made of Barbie dolls

Outside of Times Square…….. More christmas decorations!

It’s a SWEET Christmas filled with lollies, cupcakes

Inside one of the houses with heaps of mirrors.

Me with the huge cupcake

and a self shot with Germaine 😉

That’s all for PART 2. Look forward to PART 3 where I’ll be blogging about the food places we ate in causeway bay! 😀 I try to upload that post before the end of 2011 (which is in another 2 days time)

Here’s wishing you guys a

(*ahem, there’s days of christmas so I’m not late)



2 Responses to “Hong Kong 2011- Day 3 Part 2”

  1. surexpress December 29, 2011 at 17:59 #

    I also went to Times Square this month. Great place isn’t it

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