Hong Kong 2011- Day 6&7

15 Feb

Hi everyone,

It’s time for the last part of my Hongkong travel log 2011 😀

So while walking back to our hotel from avenue of stars on the previous night, we actually passed by the China-HK ferry terminal. It’s just so coincidental! So we headed in to get our tickets for the next day! There a couple of ferry carrier, I’ve read reviews from forum and bloggers so in the end we decided to take first ferry.

The next day morning, we woke up late inspite we wanted to have our breakfast here. So in the end, we take away and ate our breakfast on the way to the terminal

澳洲牛奶公司  Australia Dairy Company
Address: 47 Parkes Street, (Jordan) 佐敦白加士街47號地下
Opening Hours: Daily 730am to 11pm.
Directions: take exit C2 of Jordan MTR (right beside mak man kee noodles)
Famous for: Egg sandwich, Egg pudding, Milk tea

We were there around 8-ish and there was a slight queue.

We ordered the famous egg sandwich! 🙂

Ops, my apologises! was rushing that I forgot to take the picture of the sandwich so well to make up for it, here’s a picture of me & the sandwich 😛

Actually the sandwich were huge! we could have order just a portion to share instead of 2.

So we finally reach the terminal!

And awaiting to board the ferry
CAUTION: It’ll be good if you could carry sweets or plums up even though you had never had sea-sick before. I was feeling so uncomfortable throughout the ride especially the return ride. GOSH.

The ticket! 🙂 If ya heading with you friend, make sure you all check in together so the ticketing personnal will give you seats together. If not you’ll be on single seats!

Germaine & I

And then we finally reach after an hour or so ride. Everything was still alright but the immigration queue was absurdly long. We queued for half an hour before offically entering macau. There are actually mini tours that offered you and your friends (yes just you guys) so me & germaine was contemplating for quite some time for this 3hrs trip and in the end we decided we’ll go for it to try. Each of us paid HK$350 (s$58.30) for the 3 hours trip to the places we want (hmmm, kinda regret it now actually)

Note: For Macau, I would not have much information of the places (ie. address) so mostly would be pictures, Apologises!

The tour started with showing us the 3-4 casino side by side at the round a bout

and then we requested to go to Margaret’s Café e Nata (瑪嘉烈餅店) whom sells really good Portuguese egg tart

Please take note of the operating hours

Range of menu offered

The egg tart 🙂

Bought a few boxes back to Singapore! 🙂 If i didn’t remember wrongly, the egg tarts can last 5 days in the fridge 🙂

Next we were at sendao square

Portguese style Maccas!

In Macau, there are a lot of chapels, churches around as in the early days Macau was dominated by Portuguese, that’s the reason why Macau has many footprints of the Portuguese.

You can read up more of the history here: http://www.macautourism.gov.mo/en/info/info.php

First up St Joseph Seminary and Church

Interior of the church

We also headed for the famous, Ruins of St. Paul’s.
This’ shot was taken behind mount fortress

We asked the driver where is famous for its local delights to bring home & he brought us here.
It was very crowded when we’re there

The convention centre in Macau where you can attempt bungee jump and skywalk.
I wanted to try but its a tad little expensive for me at the moment 😦

Another church

The view from here is very nice

Interior of the church

Nice blue skyy

Last place was at venetian hotel & casino

We had lunch in there. Had FAT BURGER

The menu!

My meal 🙂

The casino interior

That’s the end of the Macau trip! We took the ferry back, it was such a bumpy ride!

Our dinner  😀 Cause we were both so sick from the ferry ride, we shared one and bought back to the hotel

FAMOUS WANTON MEE, right beside the australian milk

Mak Man Kee Noodle Shop
Address: G/F., No. 51 Parkes St., (Jordan) 佐敦白加士街47號地下
Opening Hours: Open from 12pm to 1230 am daily
Famous for: WANTON MEE

YUMS! Wonder where’s the wanton?

The wantons are hidden under the noodles. So fresh!

And then after resting for a while, we headed for some last-minute shopping!!
And thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…. we had our supper somewhere near temple street where all the dai pai dong stalls are at.

Had a take away from this stall

I must say it’s really nice! Regret not ordering one more dish.


My initial intention was to wake up early to actually head to central to take away some egg tarts but but but the night before we were too engrossed in television showing CSI so we slept at 3am and the next day we couldn’t wake up on time 😦

SOOOO, we headed for brunch at Tsui Wah Restaurant just right opposite our hotel.

The interior

My brunch 🙂

Germaine was craving for something spicy so she had this

&&& we shared a bowl of wanton soup. Craving for wanton cause of yesterday dinner but that is nicer

On the way back to airport

and time to say goood bye to Hong Kong! 😀

&&& finally it comes to the end of my hongkong travel log.

Hope it has been informative for you guys 🙂 Do email me if you have any enquiries, I’ll try my best to help alright 🙂

The next post would not be travel log soooooo let me know which one would you like to see me blog about
1) Beauty box
2) How to plan for your 21st

Have a blessed week ahead people.

Signing off,
with ❤ Raine Ong


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