Taiwan Trip 2011 (Introduction)

13 Mar

Hello there!

So, my taiwan trip which had happened early this April for my graduation trip. I’ll try my best to fill up the details of the places I went to 🙂 so first up, I’ll give you guys an introduction of how taiwan(mainly Taipei) is like.

Weather in April
The weather in April was slightly chilly/windy in the morning/evening. However the week that we went the weather is changing from winter to spring hence the weather was a little unpredictable. Some of the days was quite hot and some was quite cold (cause of the wind).

People in Taiwan
The people in taiwan are really friendly and nice. You can talk to almost anyone & they’ll be most willing to help 🙂

Mobile card in Taiwan
One really important thing if you want to purchase the mobile card is you need to be of 21 years of age after birthday and you need both your passport as well as your identity card to be able to purchase a pre-paid mobile card. To what I remembered i was using the 台湾大哥大 prepaid mobile card for my entire trip!

Transport in Taiwan
Well, Taiwan’s transport is similar to Singapore. You can go to places easily via their Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) or metro, buses, taxis or if you have a least 4-5 above friends travelling together, you could rent a van with a driver driving you guys to different places 🙂 which i’ll leave the contact I hired with in this trip. The buses itself is slightly complicated but if you want to travel out of Taipei, you can take the bullet train or buses which I’m not really sure how to go about doing that.

You can check out the map of metro system in TAIPEI via here: http://www.trtc.com.tw/MP_122031.html

Language in Taiwan
The main language in taiwan would be mandarin. Most of the Taiwanese can speak mandarin or dialect. I spoke to them in mandarin most of the time 🙂 Please take note that the chinese characters there is not simplified chinese so you might not be able to read the characters.

Culture in Taiwan
One of the culture we realised when we’re in Taiwan is that they’re very particular about recycling, being environmental friendly. You could rarely find a bin on the streets of the night markets. According to one of the locals, they said they have to pay for their garbage bags hence there’s none on the streets (you could purchase it from the convenience stores). Each of the vendors will have it so if you were to purchase some stuffs for them, you could just kindly ask if they could help you throw your trash 🙂

Also, their dustbins are segregated into plastics, paper, cans & other wastes. So be sure to throw the right rubbish into the bin before the auntie comes screaming at you.

Yup that’s about all! I’ll add-on during any of the posts if i remember any thing else.

You might want to leave a comment too if you have any questions or you would like to know!

Await for my Day 1 & 2 posts alright! 😀

Have a blessed week ahead.



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