Taiwan 2011- Day 2 Part I: entering into a floral world

31 Mar

Hi there! Are you up for my day 2 posts?  It’s gonna be filled with beautiful pictures 😀

Daily Breakfast was included as part of the hotel package.
There was quite a fair range of food included (Porridge, bread with spreads, eggs, orange juice, coffee, tea) which I find it taste pretty okay and edible.

The breakfast which I took. apologies, cause I didn’t take the other food.

Then we headed to 西门町 to check it out how it’s like 🙂

A must have JUMP shot 😀

It was kinda chilly, so we headed to Starbucks to grab a drink. Hearts the Starbucks in Taiwan, 3 storeys high!

It would be perfect if I had a book with me to just chill and do nothing

Sat in for a while & we headed out to explore! Our drinks 🙂

Spotted a road side food stall, which is very common in Taiwan

The streets in Taiwan

And taking the metro

We are going to……. FLORA EXPO which was in Yuan Shan station.
We were thankful that the flora expo period was when we were there! looking at pretty flowers just cheer my day up.

Even the trees are preparing for SPRING!

Before we enter, its time for lunch. We were sourcing for lunch around the area (at yuan shan station). I would say its a beautiful place with cosy little shops just round the corner. In the end we settled for lunch at….

21工房 Worker’s House
Address: No. 10, Lane 25, Jiuquan St., Datong District, Taipei,  (Yuan Shan station Exit 1) 台北市大同區酒泉街10巷25號 (圓山捷運1號出口)
Directions: Exit from exit 1 and walk along the streets. The shop is just along the roadside.
Yummy for: Handmade Noodles

It was just a stall where we pop by and decided to give it a try. Did not do any prior research to that but it was really a good hunt 🙂 Perfect eatery for a chilly weather then.
You can check out the menu over here: http://www.21workerhouse.com/menu.html

It’s a open concept where you can totally see what they are preparing for you.

My Noodle! Can’t really remember what I ate but it sure taste good 🙂

Thennnn, we were walking along the street. && I spotted this cosy little cafe (which I obviously did not take the exterior)

Is Taiwan Is Chocolate 手工巧克力專賣店
Address: Taipei 10, Lane No. 1, Jiuquan St., Datong District  台北市大同區酒泉街10巷1號
Directions: Just down a few shops from the worker’s house

Even though this shop was also an ‘occurrence’ that we passed by it but I heard from my friend that it has been featured on television shows as well as magazines. So this ‘occurrence’ was after all a pleasant surprise for us.

Entering the shop just made me felt very cosy. The walls are hand-painted by an artist. The range of menu and the display of chocolates are just alluring. You could see that they have a small working space to make the chocolates. I love cosy cafe.

oh && you can check out the amazing range of chocolates they have over here : http://www.istaiwan.com.tw/

The range of drinks they offer

The painted drawing on the wall

The chocolate & drinks I bought was hot mocha with dark chocolate.
My friend got the rum & raisin.
I’m a total fan of dark chocolate, it was good!

After a full lunch & desserts, we’re finally heading in! A group shot with the backdrop.

Our tickets 🙂

Ain’t the flower so pretty? More pictures of the flowers I’ve taken during the expo.

Me & Dawn

I was so captivated by the beauty of the flowers, I just can’t stop snapping it. Feel so beautiful too just by looking at them 🙂
There were several segments to this floral expo so I’ll briefly run through the segments I’ve been to alright? 😀

One of the segments was inspiration by artists which they created artwork inspired by the theme, floral.

Another segment: Culture. Into the ancient ‘built’ houses to the traditional food, puppet show- basically anything with cultural

Me & Shu Ning

An artwork design, do you know what the meaning behind this artwork?

Here’s the explanation

Took a Break and headed to the flower food fair they had! 😀

flower ice-cream!

Flower Tea!

The tea was made fresh on the spot. Please do not think that the two the two guys are just purely making tea. They are seriously making the tea & they taste the tea before pouring into the container. I believed they are tea tasters as well. Looking at them preparing our tea just feels like an art itself. I believe they can appreciate tea very much.

It’s ready!

Moving on to the next segment is the european style 🙂

Walking behind the house

& taking a picture

There were also display by all the different countries 🙂
Well I can’t really remember which country did which so I’ll just post the pictures alright.

#random I love travelling with my slippers

A couple of jump shots before we leave.
There was actually a few segments we didn’t went to cause the queue was absurdly long.

A chop for you before we leave 🙂

That’s all for Floral Expo!

Stay tuned on day 2 part II- Shilin Market Yummy Yum Yum!

TATA, have a blessed week ahead! 😀



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