Taiwan 2011- Day 2 Part II: Shilin Night Market here we come!

15 May

Hello there!

Well, before I start, I need to warn you that the pictures may make you drool, so it would be better if you don’t see this post if you’re hungry.

Here we go! So continuing from my Part I posts, we ended the day at flora expo at around 6ish. Thereafter we took the metro 劍潭 (Jiantan) station, which is just a few stop from 圆山 station to Shilin Night Market.

士林夜市 (Shilin Night Market) is one of the must-go when you come to Taiwan. It is one of the must-go night market if you go to Taiwan.

Well, one thing you might be confused when you arrived would be that there’s 2 parts to the night market it self. The first area which is enclosed by shelters has lots of foodie places where the famous XXL chicken is, the oyster mee sua etc.

And the other part, has firstly, a stretch of foodie road-side stall and secondly, places for you to shop in. The areas to shop in is really huge and large.

We headed to the latter first and we saw the oh so famous 大肠包小肠 which is always seen in the tawian drama.

Tried it and I totally adore it. Well, it is something like rice roll wrapping the tawainese saussage. And it’s only NT$50, S$2.50

And right down along the stretch, there’s also……………..

Smelly Tofu & Pig’s Blood Soup!

The stench of smelly tofu was so strong! My friends & I were contemplating to try it or not. In the end we decided we should try all food since we’re there already. Gosh, I don’t take pork’s blood… EWWW.

The smelly Tofu!
My opinion: You should give it a try! It actully taste good  😀

Pig’s blood soup.
My opinion: It doesn’t have much taste. It looks like pig’s liver but well, i don’t take pig’s liver so I don’t like it.

Then we came across this! Gosh Potatoes & Cheese? Yums!

Preparing for us

Ta-da! Really yummy! Love the combination with the corn 😀

We actually passes by some shops that sells clothes, accessories then we came across this stretch of road that has road-side games such as shooting, poking balloons (kinda like how singapore’s pasar malam) is like.

My opinion: Very different from the corn we have here. The corn they sell as grilled to almost charred with a very sweet/spicy taste. Didn’t really like it cause it tasted burnt. Perhpas I didn’t know how to appreciate it.

Then after exploring the first part of the area, we reached the 2nd part of food exploration! Which is the one I mentioned earlier.

Tried this famous 大饼包小饼.
You can choose the flavors you want, they have the sweet & savory ones too. If I didn’t remember wrongly, they sell it in 3 for NT$100 (S$5).
My opinion: Pretty unique but couldn’t finish by myself. Would get a little sick of eating if I were to finish the entire biscuit.

The whole stretch of food places in this area

We also had this awesome shaved ice! 🙂 loved mango ice.

And also the famous HAO DA DA JI PA! If i didn’t wrongly it was about S$2 or 3 bucks

And the oyster egg which I still prefer the Singapore one thoughhhh 😦 Didn’t really like the saucee.

And yes! I’m sorry for posting such late! Thats all I could remember for this Shilin trip.

Hope it helps you! 🙂

My next post would more be on MAY BELLA BOX! 🙂 AWAIT FOR THAT.


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