Taiwan 2011- Day 3

13 Aug

Hello people! I apologise for the hiatus. My exams have finally come to an end and I only have a one month break before my school starts again. Before my start of school in september, I’ll be going travelling end of this August to BANGKOK! Woah, it’ll be my first trip to Bangkok hence I’m really very excited. Therefore, I’ll try my very best to finish my taiwan travel log soon 🙂

So on day 3, we chartered a van to bring us along 九份 and 十份.

The van came to pick us up early morning around 8am outside our hotel and we headed first to 野柳地质公园. In summary, the Yehliu Geopark is famous for its sea-erosion landscape, where the spots are very close to the sea and due to the sea-erosion you can see the different shapes that was formed. You can check out more on the website here http://www.ylgeopark.org.tw/ENG/info/YlIntroduction_en.aspx

The entry tickets to the Geo Park is NT$50, S$2.50

First up, a picture with the sign.

The icon 🙂

My friends & I with our tickets

They also have volunteers that will bring you through the trip and explain to you the different shapes and tell you more about the landscape

Take a look at some of the landscapes here! Can you make out what shapes are they?

This is actually, 牛郎与织女 or Romeo & juliet. Do you know which is the male and female?

The famous ‘Queen’ head which has loads of people taking pictures with it.

You should totally head down for a look if you are interested. Pretty interesting I would say. Something you’ll never find in Singapore.

Next, Mr Li brought us to buy yummy cuttlefish and some souvenirs back home. I bought around NT$400, S$20 worth of cuttlefish for own consumption and as gifts.

&& Then we headed to must go 九份老街.
Along the streets, there are many yummy foods that you can have. It includes the famous 太阳饼, muah chee, jelly, peanut ice cream, yummy mushrooms etc.

And we headed to this shop for lunch!

Peanut Ice-Cream! Pretty interesting, you can give it a try.

This is one of the stalls you can try as well 🙂 It’s kinda like muah chee but with fillings inside. HEHEHE.

You can check out more on jiu fen over here 😀 http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/pda/m1.aspx?sNo=0002091&id=290

Next, on our way heading to 十份, we pass by 黄金瀑布。Stop by to take a picture! 🙂

That is us with our driver, Mr Li! 😀

After that we pass by yin-yang sea which has 2 different colours in the sea. Didn’t take a picture of that though. Thereafter we headed to our next destination to 十份!

十份 is famous for 放天灯 so if you were to come here remember to do so 🙂

The different colours represent different meanings. My friend and I shared one for NT$85 each, S$4.25

If you are wondering where do we release the sky lanterns…. It’s on the railway track. The railway track still has trains passing by and the locals know when to avoid the tracks. It was such a cool sight seeing train just passes by you so near.

Further down the streets, you can find a few photo taking spots.

&& then you can get some souvenirs for your family and friends, got 3 for NT$220, S$11

That’s about it for day 3! We end our day doing more shopping at ximending.

*As we chartered the van to drive us around, I do not have the address nor know how to travel to those places via public transport.

Cheers! Await for my day 4 post.
My next post will be regarding my trip to The Costal Settlement Cafe in Singapore. Do check it out sometimes next week 🙂

Be blessed!



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