Taiwan 2011- Day 4

9 Sep

Hello there! It’s September.

I’m finally back from Bangkok last week & I can’t wait to blog about it. Sadly, my school semester has just started and my calendar for September is really busy and packed. I really hoped I could finish blogging this Taiwan Travel Log so I could start on the Bangkok one really soon. Are you getting as excited as me? Cause I am 🙂

Alrightly, now making use my hour lunch time, I hope I could finish this post on time for you peeps.

If you are travelling to Taiwan, how can you missed out visiting DanShui, 淡水?
if you are travelling during the Winter period, how can you missed out soaking yourself in Hot Spring, 温泉 right?

Yes, you’re right! Day 4 is a visit to Hotspring 温泉 & visting Danshui 淡水 😀

Started the day, having breakfast at MOS Burger! 🙂 I really love MOS burger & being a previous employee there for 4 years, I would love to try the MOS burger around the world.

First Stop: Hot Spring @ Asia Pacific Resort 北投亚太温泉生活馆
I came across this hot spring place via flowerpod forum recommendations by one of the podders.
You can check on more details over here: http://www.apresort.com.tw/
I booked online prior to the trip for the timing. initially we only wanted to try out Hot Spring. However, there was a promotion going on for couples, a package of massage and hotspring so in the end we changed our mind and went for that 🙂 The price of the package was NT$1650 (S$70) per person.

Look at how nice the walkway to the place is.

There are different rooms for the Hotspring. You could either opt for the public (shared) Hotspring, which will be cheaper OR opt for rooms like what we did. The room that we were allocated to is for TWO people.  Prior to heading to the hotspring, the staff will lead you the changing area where robes, towel are all provided for you to change out before heading into the hotspring rooms. Lockers are provided as well to keep your stuffs, so don’t worry about it.

I was pair up with one of my friends. Kinda awkward initially cause we were suppose to go into the hotspring nude (even though we are both girls). The Hotspring session was booked for 1 hour.

& yes, that’s me testing the water temperature.

Me & my Hot Spring partner, WANNING 😀

Water is provided as well to prevent yourself from dehydrating. That’s our leg resting after 30 mins of soaking in the Hotspring.

After you are out of the Hotspring, there’s a tiny corner as well for you to shower before wearing back your robe & head for the massage 🙂

Here’s me with the hot green tea while waiting for my massage

After relaxing ourselves for first half of the day, we headed to Danshui! 🙂
Personally, I really love the Danshui area, by the river, nice scenery and artists along the streets of Danshui.

One of the street artist that was performing.

It was close to evening time for dinner! We headed to Kanpai Restaurant.
I’ve read reviews about this’ place from other bloggers and forums, seems like a must-try place and there we were.

They have a couple of outlets other than the one in Danshui, you can check it out here: http://www.kanpai.com.tw/index.htm

The shop is filled with Polaroids of the customers

A picture of us before we start eating.

BBQ-ing. This’ is one of it you must try! Ox-tongue, really tender and yummy.

&& after a light dinner, we headed to 淡水老街

Along the streets, you can many yummy street food to try. This explains why we had a light dinner at Kanpai, despite its really yummy 😦

There’s a museum as well where you can find weird and interesting things in the museum. It’s similar to Ripley’s believe it a not museum, but just a smaller version. Only me & another friend went.

Pictures from the museum below 😀

As we were walking along the streets, there was this really cute shop!

阿给老店, read some of the blogger’s blog posts that it’s a must try when you are at danshui.

But personally, my friends and I didn’t really like it at all. I guessed it’s really up to individual.

I have to tell you a really epic story that happened. We were trying to find where 淡水渔人码头 was cause we thought it was within walking distance. SO we approached a ah ma and ah gong to ask them for directions. They told us that the fisherman wharf was 10 minutes walk from Danshui. In the end, we walked along the pathway for half an hour but still see no sight of the place.

We asked another passerby and was then told that if we were to continue walking, it’ll take more than half an hour! Well….. So in the end we took a bus after asking for directions cause it was already late at night by then. It was a kind-of-felt-cheated feeling by the grandma & grandpa whom gave us directions =.=”

To add-on, we were all carrying our shopping bags… & not a soul within sight.

After boarded the bus, it was another 15mins rideeee! (I really can’t believe how we can walk within half an hour)


Picture of me & us.

&& that’s marks the end of my day 4 post. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


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