Taiwan 2011- Day 5

22 Dec


Hi there!

Hurray! The much procrastinated me is finally into blogging entry of my day 5 Taiwan trip! This post is going to be really shorter than the rest, mainly because day 5 we did not do much other than shopping.

Because the schedule from day 1 to 4 was pretty hectic, one of my friend and I was really tired and jaded out, we decided to sleep in and skip the itinerary of going to the ZOO with my other four friends. So ya, we slept in till about 10 plus in the morning and headed to xi men ding for our brunch and shopping.

One thing to note about in Taiwan is that there is usually some teenagers will try to sell you some promotion card telling you all the benefits and the participating stores etc. PLEASE DO NOT BE TRICKED AND BUY IT. Well, speaking from my own experience, my friend and I whom are quite soft-hearted, taken in what they said and totally regretted right after.

Anyway, skipping that bad experience part and move on… We had lunch at one of the noddle stall along xi men ding. I think is pretty decent! love the dumplings which the stall has. But apologise, do not have the address of the stall.

Look at the menu they offer


and here’s the noodle I ordered 🙂


After lunch, we headed to meet our friend at Wu Fen Pu (五分埔) for more shopping! 🙂

Just in case if you do not know anything about 五分埔, it is one of the popular wholesale shopping places which most people like to shop when they are in Taiwan. Personally, I feel that the choices in 五分埔 are not as many as where xi men ding, the road stall or the night market has. One of the reasons is probably because all the shops sells similar items, designs etc. so there isn’t much to see. If I did not remember wrongly, I only bought a shirt or 2 when I was there. Not really sure if it was due to the winter season hence the reason why.


But I must say the Guava which we bought from here was really yummy and sweet! love it 🙂


Despite what I personally felt, I did read on forums how some shoppers are really able to buy a lot of stuff from there so if you would like to just give it a try to find some worthy clothes, you can find out more information on how to go to 五分埔 etc., you can check out this website: http://www.wufenpu.com/

One pity thing for me is that I didn’t get to try the famous 胡须张滷肉飯, braised pork on rice just right opposite wu fen pu. But read from many blogs and forum that it’s really yummy! 🙂 I’ll probably try the next time I’m there.


After the disappointment of not buying much things, we head to the next place on our itinerary, which was 饒河夜市, rao he ye shi to hunt for yummy food.




We were so tired and hungry, we just pop into this shop to have our dinner.

Address is stated below! It’s basically a place that sells hot plate food


My friends and I. They serve free soups as well 🙂 taste is good enough.



That’s my meal. Hmmmm totally can’t recall what I had, some spaghetti thing?




After dinner, we headed to try the famous pepper ‘biscuit’. I think we got two to share! Personally, I think it tasted nicer than the 大饼包小饼, worth a try! (:


And that kind of conclude my day 5 posts. Yay hurrary! I”ll probably combine day 6&7 Taiwan post together and move on to my Bangkok trip! (: till then, watch out for this space for my cafes post!



2 Responses to “Taiwan 2011- Day 5”

  1. A Simple Guy December 22, 2012 at 21:07 #

    Nice write up. Anyway, it is always better to have someone local to bring to get the best food.

    • travellingwithraine December 24, 2012 at 22:50 #

      Thank you 🙂 I agreed with you too thats why there were two days we hired a local whom drove us to taichung and jiu fen.

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