Taiwan 2011- Day 6

3 Jan

Hi all!

Here’s the taiwan day 6 post! 🙂 Gosh, it’s had been 2 years && I’ve still yet to complete this post. But well, it will soon, by January 2013.

If you remember my earlier post on Taiwan 2011- Day 1, I mentioned about Mr Li (The driver whom fetch us from airport), recommended us to go to the theme park somewhere near 台中. We headed his advice and ‘booked’ him for another day trip over to that theme park instead of the initial one (Lefoo Village) which we wanted to go.

I think it is really good to charter a van and a driver if you have 4 people and above with you. Chartering a van & driver all to yourself allows you to have flexibility over the time as well as the comfort of your own friends. I do read on forums that people whom travel in pair in taiwan, they usually will share the chartered taxi/van with another couple just to share costs. So is really up to individual’s discretion to choose.

Two days before when we were with Mr Li for a trip to 九份 and 十份 (if you havent read this post, check it out here, Taiwan 2011- Day 3), he came to fetch us about 8am. This time round, it’s slightly earlier cause of the longer journey. He came to fetch us about 7am. After a long journey (can’t remember how many hours), we’ve reach our destination!

Here it is! Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, 九族文化村. Entrance fee is NT$650 (S$32.50)
From here, you can take the cable car and travel up to the famous Sun Moon Lake, 日月潭.


We entered from here.


and was greated by this amazing field filled with lavender flowers. The sun was so good that day, it made the view looks amazing.


And then after a walk through the beautiful view, we reached the entrance.

In the cultural park, they have rides & attractions. Other than that, they also have aboriginal villages and live show which reflects the local 原住民’s culture. 原住民 in taiwan is also known as the indigenous people all over the world.

Adapted from Wikipedia: Indigenous people are ethnic minorities who have been marginalized as their historical territories became part of a state. In international or national legislation they are generally defined as having a set of specific rights based on their historical ties to a particular territory and on their cultural or historical distinctiveness from politically dominant populations.

Stepping into the entrance, we were greeted by this warm singing by the locals dressed in their traditional costumes.

Then, we headed for the rides & attractions. The Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village has five theme parks: the European Gardens, the Aladdin Plaza, the Aboriginal Villages, Amusement Isle and Ti Ka Er Rainforest. Below are some pictures 🙂

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.
Wanted to sit this UFO, but it was under maintenance 😦


One of the most exciting ride is this! All of us bought ponchos to prevent ourselves from getting really wet! We probably sat for 4-5 times? Really fun.

Then we headed for the indoor theme park! Don’t you love the merry-go-round?

I DO! 😀

Not only that you can pay to play games such as shooting & throwing the loop to earn yourself a price.

After a day of game & fun, it started drizzling so we headed to watch the live show.

Personally, I really enjoyed it but my friends whom were with me does not feel the same as me.

Mr Li knows everything about the place, even the cable car timing. After he dropped us at the entrance, he told us to take the 5pm cable car up to Sun Moon Lake where he’ll be waiting for us over there. Mr Li, whom is kinda like a tour guide too was really nice to us 🙂

&& we are! Up to sun moon lake!

As it was drizzling, the view up there wasn’t as good. We were supposed to see the sun setting at that time but it was so cloudy and misty, the view looks really normal 😦

We reached the top! & met Mr Li at a meeting point.

You can check out more about Formosan & Sun Moon Lake over here:

On the way down from Sun Moon Lake, there were a couple of shops that sells souvenirs & a place where the peacocks are so Mr Li asked us if we wanted to stop over for a short while to take a look. So we went 🙂

There’s really nice tea-boiled egg and sausages!



Look at the peacocks! So fortunate to see a peacock opening its father!




My friend whom is advertising for the steamed sweet potato, her favourite! 🙂


While we were driving towards the night market, I see a stall selling a fruit which I’ve never seen before. Been very curious, I asked Mr Li what it was and he stopped by the side of the road and ask us if we want to try it. Without saying more, he alighted (Isn’t he really nice?) and bought us a bag of this, do you know what is this?
Make a guess! (I’ll revealed what this fruit is at the end of the post)

We then headed towards the Fengjia Night Market, 逢甲夜市. I’ll just post the pictures I have on hand, but overall, I must say I really love this night market than any others!






As time was really a constraint by then, we split up and went to shop before meeting up at a place hence the very few photos for the night market. The shopping here is slightly cheaper & personally I feel that there’s a lot more things to buy! Totally regretted not staying a night here but that’s also because we already paid in full our hotel rates already.

And that’s the end for taiwan day 6, did you managed to guess what fruit that was? (Drums roll)

It is………………..  Pipa 枇杷 fruit or also known as Loquat. Did you managed to guessed it?

YAY! And that’s the end of this post, hope you enjoyed it 🙂



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