Have you heard of The Black Box?

30 Mar

Hello there!

Many bloggers have been blogging about the black box, have you heard of it yet?

The black box is a FREE beauty box that ships in Singapore. Similar to bellabox, vanitybox except that it’s FREE (: (well who doesn’t like free stuff isn’t it?)

And it’s really easy! All you need to do is to register a account and get it all for free! Intially I was still quite skeptical about it and was wondering if it’s even possible to be totally without costs but I guess it’s all true cause I received mine just not long ago.


Yes I was quite curious of the content in the black box (guess it’s also a type of marketing tatic)


Similar to any other beauty box, it comes with a card which introduced the box and the content in them.


Now let’s take a look at what I’ve received.
First up! A ordinary look pouch that has the brand name on it.


But beyond what you see on the superior, it has loads of vouchers in the pouch.



And the rest of the products (: which I have yet to try but the brands itself looks quite good (:



What are you waiting for? Go get it since it’s FREE. Check out http://www.blackbox.sg/

Have a blessed day!



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