Bangkok Travel log 2012- Day 1 (Khao San Night Market)

10 May

Hi there!

Here’s the next part of my Bangkok travel log day 1- Khao San Night Market.

One thing that was kind of ‘scary’ for me was the transportation. We tried to hail a taxi but none was willing to negotiate nor reduce the price. I think it’s kind of a ‘norm’ over there for the taxi to charge you based on flat rate as they know if they were to switch on the meter, it’ll be way lesser. So after ‘haggling’ prices for sometime (15mins?), this tuk tuk finally decided to fetch us at THB$140 (S$6)

He’s really nice, even have a plate that warns tourists of motorists snatching bag.


Here’s a blur view of Khao San Night Market. Khao San Night Market is the centre of the backpacker’s district where affordable hostels are located in the street. Not only that, it is also famous for buying of beach items like bikini, swimwear; hair braiding etc.



We were supposed to meet my friend’s friend at the night market for dinner. Couldn’t find the initial place which they suggested so we just went to this restaurant, Tom Yum Kung for dinner.




Part of the menu:


We ordered Phad Thai which tastes really awful


My friend ordered fried rice


Tom yum soup



And my favourite, Thai Iced Tea


Overall review of the restaurant: Really bad service, slow, food is awful and over-priced menu. Do not dine in here, unless you really have no choice (which I don’t think that will happened). We reckon street food would have probably taste much better and obviously, cheaper.

My friend’s friend was adventurous enough to try the BBQ meat, which is quite yummy 😀



Khao San Road is also famous for its bars, clubs and pubs and the street is still very vibrant at around 12am. Ended our day with some beer!




Overall review of Khao San Night Market/Road: There isn’t much things to buy or shop. Most of the stalls sells pretty much the same thing. But if you really want to buy Bikini/ swimwear, you should really come here, there’s like tons of it. Many Clubs, pubs and bars are located in Khao San road as well and it closes really late, so if you want to experience the nightlife of Thailand or just chill and have a drink, you can consider coming here too 🙂

And yay! That’s it for Day 1 trip. I just came back from Vietnam on Monday, and really can’t wait to blog about it. [but oh wait, I need to complete this Bangkok one first].

Till then! Have an awesome weekend alright!



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