Backpacking Vietnam Travelogue 2013 – Day 1 part 3 (Saigon)

14 Sep

Hello there!

I’m finally up for my part 3 day 1 post in Saigon. And for the last part, we booked a tour with XO tour with the ladies on a Vespa! It was a totally new and really cool experience of my entire trip. You can check out the different tour they offer on a Vespa here:

Khim and I booked on a Saigon by Night tour which features 5 different districts that we probably won’t go and includes a light dinner, with 3 choices for us to choose from. The tour started with the guides coming to fetch us from our hostel.


It’s a really different experience and made me felt like one of the locals among the many bikes on the street. A picture taken of the sun setting when we stopped at a traffic light.

Throughout the journey, the guide also engages you by talking and casually chatting, just like a friend 😀


A shot of me and my guide, taken by Khim.

And here’s our first stop at the Chinatown in district 5. What we do here is to gather with the rest of the tour group and met up with the tour leader that gave us a brief introduction of the area. There isn’t time given for us to shop or look around.


They bought us this rice paper with salt and pepper for us to try. Personally… It’s not really to my liking.


A shot of us with our the ladies at Chinatown. The tour leader help us take group pictures and then emailed it to us thereafter.


Thereafter, our next stop is to take-away our choice of food. All of us chosen broken rice with chicken. We get to see how it was prepared.
A really innovative way of fanning the grill with an electric fan instead of a handheld fan.

Thereafter, they brought us to a sugar cane stall to have a drink and our take-away dinner.

Here’s a shot of my broken rice which I absolutely loved the taste of it. It was really yummy! A highly recommended must try dish when you are in Vietnam 🙂

A pretty picture of my guide, Hoang.


A group shot of us shouting, delicious in Vietnamese (if I didn’t remember wrongly)

And after dinner, we were brought to District 7, a district that I would never thought they have in Vietnam. A district that totally feels like Singapore, where according to our guide, the expats lived in.


This is also the last stop where the tour leader do an introduction of this area and a closing to summarise the trip. We took a last picture with the guides, of us ‘riding’ the bike.

And the last stop, was passing by district 4, which is the total opposite of district 7, a contrast of where the poor lived in.

And that pretty much summarises of 2.5 hours tour which was an added experience to our trip 🙂


A key chain & a survival phrasebook were given to us as well during the dinner!

I would highly recommend to join a tour with them when you are in Vietnam. I will probably try out the other tour next time I’m in Saigon. And below, is just a short video my friend took.

Till then! I can finally start on day 2.

With love,


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