Backpacking Vietnam Travelogue 2013 – Day 5 (Hue)

8 Jan

Hello! I am up to Day 5- What a more than a year back log yeah.

So for day 5, we headed for breakfast in the same restaurant on the day we reached before checking out. Somehow when I am overseas, my body clock wakes me up really early. After which, we headed to imperial city.



The tickets for the imperial city costs VDN$210,000 which costs SGD$12.30 per ticket

The imperial city gives me an impression of ancient Chinese palaces. It has several different palace that serves different purpose such as for the emperor’s study room, the concubine’s room etc.

IMG_0140 IMG_0161 IMG_0167 IMG_0172

They even have the ancient costumes for you to pay and take a photo-shoot.

A couple more pictures of the few places we covered.
IMG_0072 IMG_0080 IMG_0076 IMG_0068

Some of the palaces is currently undergoing re-construction to salvage and rebuilt to its original state.

Personally, most of the palaces are pretty much the same so we didn’t cover every single palace and room.

IMG_0145 IMG_0142

As time was pretty short on our end, we left the palace around 1 noon and went to search for a place for lunch. They serve pretty good rice rolls!
IMG_0124  IMG_0189IMG_0190

After which, we rushed to the train station via cab cause it appears to be quite a distance away from the hostel. I got changed to something more comfy to prepare for the 12 hr train ride.

We booked our tickets via, with the cost of USD$128 for 2 person. They delivered the tickets to our hostel and we got it picked up from there.

IMG_0126 IMG_0130


I think one of the highlight of this trip was the train ride. We tried to booked the 4-berth sleeper train but it wasn’t available at all so in the end we took the 6-berth sleeper which we thought wouldn’t vary too much. And the 1st level sleeper have all been taken up so we took level 2 & 3. It was one of the most memorable moment of my life thus far.

We were sharing the space with the locals whom was helpful in helping us to bring out bag up. But the space was really tight and I can see little ‘creatures’ running around. It was definitely not easy to sleep but when I see how the locals was sharing the space on one bed- I realized how blessed I was to actually be able to sleep on one bed then sharing.

Food trolley passes by our cabin too but it was all local food and we didn’t really know what’s that and how long it has been kept so we just ate the biscuit we brought from Singapore.

IMG_0197 IMG_0139

And that’s for Day 5! Next post will be arrival to Hanoi and then Halong Bay.

Till then!

With love,


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