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Collaboration Travel Post- Things to do in Las Vegas and Taiwan

26 Mar

Hi there!

This week’s post is a really unique one. I had the opportunity to do a collaboration travel post with @Kendra Thornton from Chicago. The objective is really just to share both of our favorite travel places and the things we like to do there. I supposed you guys are able to guess the author of the article? (yes that’s right, Kendra on Las Vegas and yours truly on Taiwan).

Personally, I haven’t been to Las Vegas at all so looking at the article written by Kendra, I definitely want to visit the place some day!


Las Vegas- A Family-Friendly Sin City
Written by: Kendra Thornton

One of my favorite places for a family vacation is Las Vegas. Despite its nickname Sin City, this bustling desert oasis has plenty of kid-friendly activities that the whole family can enjoy. With spectacular shows, amusement parks and watery wonderlands, this city will entertain Mom, Dad and the kids.

Don’t Forget to Scream

The decibel levels in some parts of Las Vegas have risen due to the wild rides available. This is a roller coaster lover’s paradise. Adventuredome inside Circus Circus is home to many of the city’s most thrilling rides. The Canyon Blaster is the world’s only indoor double-loop, double-corkscrew roller coaster. Their record-breaking El Loco, just announced this past December will excite lovers of negative-G drops.

Learn a Little During Your Stay

I’m not a fan of musty museums, but Las Vegas has some fun, quirky places that make learning about history a lot of fun. The Neon Museum, located just off the downtown strip, shows off the city’s history in lights. The National Atomic Testing Museum features unique exhibits about the scientific history of the region. My kids love spending a day at Discovery Children’s Museum. It seems that everywhere you turn in Las Vegas there is a new learning opportunity.

Explore the Desert

I love that this booming metropolis lies in the heart of a desert. To see some truly magnificent scenery, take a Pink Jeep Tour. Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas picks guests up at their hotels. The guided tours then travel to various scenic spots in the area. When my kids get old enough to enjoy the ride, I look forward to booking the day trip to the Grand Canyon.

Train the Dolphins

The magic of Las Vegas includes some amazing watery adventures. At Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, guests can become dolphin trainers for a day. You’ll work alongside marine animal experts and interact with the resident Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. I loved this outing at least as much as my kids did. By the end of the day, I felt almost like a marine biologist.


Regardless of your personal preferences in recreation, you’re sure to find something fun to do in Las Vegas. My family always enjoys the wide selection of activities, and we have fun planning our Las Vegas itinerary together. Sites like Gogobot make it easy to plan so you are more prepared once you visit. It allows you to read user reviews of various hotels and even restaurants. I’m sure you and your family will enjoy Sin City as much as we do.


Taiwan- One of my all-time favorite travelling place
Written by: Raine Ong

A 5-hour flight takes me from where I am in Singapore to my favorite travelling place- Taiwan.

Taiwan is a country where you can immerse yourself in its diversity in the different culture, people, and religion. At the same time, you can plan your itinerary based on outdoors, nature, shopping, sightseeing etc. There are just so many areas which you can explore in this country, making it suitable for backpackers, travelers whom are seeking for leisure trips, whom are looking to shop, to eat; as well as, big family that are looking for a family friendly place to travel to.

Personally, I have been to Taiwan twice and am heading again this May. Taiwan is a huge country which is divided into different cities. The capital of Taiwan is in Taipei. Let me share with you some of the places that I have been and hopefully this will be useful for you.

Night Markets
If you are a real foodie and would like to try some authentic Taiwanese street food cuisines, visiting one of the night markets is a must on your itinerary. Night markets is one of the icons of Taiwan. It’s a place where you can find really yummy street food together with good shopping buys. Interestingly, different night market has different characteristics altogether, and of course the different ‘must try food’ on the list varies too! Here are some of my recommended ‘must try dishes’ when you head to Taiwan

1. Potato cheese

potato cheese

Baked potato filled with your choice of ingredients (I had corn & ham), filled up with nacho cheese. Not counting the amount of calories in (who cares anyway when you travel), this food is a must try when you head to the night market, especially if you are a cheese lover just like me.

2. Shaved Ice Mango


It can get quite hot in summer, chill yourself down with a cold shaved mango ice. The mangoes, or rather all fruits in Taiwan are really sweet and yummy.

3.  Oyster/ Pork intestines Vermicelli


One of my real favorites and a dish which I will have it every time when I am in Taiwan. This is a popular street food in Taiwan. This thick, rich soupy vermicelli comes with either pork intestines or oyster. You will usually top it up with chili, garlic sauce and vinegar based on individual preferences.

4.  Stinky Tofu

stinky tofu

If you are wondering if it literally means that the Tofu is smelly, then bingo you are right! The strong smell basically came from the tofu’s fermentation and can be quite hard to accept. If you are quite adventurous, just like me, you can give this a try.

Taiwan will be one of the places you can really buy at an affordable price. Other than the night markets which was mentioned earlier, there are also many other places which you can consider visiting in your next trip. One of my favourite is the wholesale area, Wu Fen Pu. It has a large variety of items. However to be able to get the stuff at a better price, you got to buy more in a shop. So I supposed the trick here is to go shopping with more friends so you guys can bulk up your purchases as a whole and bargain the price. Of course, other than the street shops, there are shopping areas as well in the city mall and the department stores.

I really enjoying going away from the hustle and bustle of a city and just immerse myself in the greenery. Taiwan has heaps of nature places where you can go to. I personally had been to Hualien, which is a 2.5hours train ride away from the city. Hualien is also one of the least crowded city in Taiwan. There are the well-known Taroko National Park which is a must visit to Hualien. Of course, other than visiting places, you can also do nature activities such as surfing, river tracing, dolphin watching etc. in various part of Taiwan.


Here are just a very brief introduction of the things which you can enjoy in Taiwan. I believe it is a place that is suitable for anyone based on your travel objectives. Oh, and here are some of the website I like to check out on accommodation and places to visit, as well as reviews from people whom have been there. Some of it includes lonely planet, agoda, trip advisor etc. which is really helpful in planning your itinerary.

I hope you guys enjoyed this collaboration post! You can follow Kendra at her twitter @Kendra Thornton.
Do leave a comment below if there’s any feedback or questions regarding any of the place.

Till then, I’ll be back at writing my Vietnam post soon.

With love,


Just to Share :) Nana’s Green Tea Lunch Time Special

15 Jun

Hello there!

My Vietnam post will be scheduled for post on Sunday and thereafter I will be very busy with both my work and studies at the same time so please pardon me for the hiatus for the next 1 month.

If you remember, I posted a review of Nana’s Green Tea, Singapore @Plaza Singapura some time in January. If you didn’t read it, don’t worry, just click here to check out the post.

I haven’t had the chance to try the other dishes yet but will probably head there soon again. My office is kind of near plaza singapura and Nana’s Green Tea is having lunch time special (that means I probably can head there for lunch soon). Well, talking about it now, I kind of miss the beef don I had the last time round.

The promotion is for weekday set lunch. All you have to do is to order a main course (that’s above SGD$8) and you can choose any kind of beverages from the menu [see the flyer below!]. Isn’t it awesome to have matcha (green tea) drink after a meal? There are researches that claims Matcha provides many health benefits  (if you want to find out more, just Google it). So after a heavy meal, wouldn’t it be nice to drink a cup of matcha to aid in digestion?

Nana's Green Tea Lunch Set Poster

And maybe they can have a dinner promotion soon too?

Till then.


Bangkok Travel log 2012- Day 3 [Shopping, Health land massage & Chinatown]

23 May

Hello friends 🙂

Cheers to my day 3 post of my Bangkok trip (like finally). This post is mainly on the places which we went to shop and the food that we had. After all, most people come to Bangkok for shopping isn’t it, so how can we miss that most important part out right?

Rise & Shine and had breakfast at the hotel.


Our first stop on the itinerary was to shop at Platinum Mall. It’s about 10mins walk  around from our hotel. And while walking, we will attracted by the fragrance of the fried chicken


and decided to get one and try! If I didn’t remember wrongly, it costs about THB$30 (S$1.30)


While walking towards the mall, we kind of got lost and decided to take a tuk tuk there.


Finally here! Platinum Fashion Mall is about 7 levels and is divided into 3 zones. At the 7th level, it is where the food court and the accessories are sold. Do note that they are mostly wholesalers so the more you buy, the cheaper it will be. Usually if you get minimum 2 pieces of the item, you’ll get a slightly better offer. A heaven for people who love to shop!


Just a shot of how it looks like inside the mall. I think we probably spent our 5-6 hours shopping in here and also more last-minute shopping on the last day. Do note that there’s a new wing for platinum mall, which I personally do not like it all at. The mall is new and clean but the service staff there are less friendly.


For lunch, we had this very yummy wan ton noodles and pork intestines which my friend introduced. It is directly opposite Platinum Mall. And it looks like this.


The wanton noodles


And we ordered a plate of intestine to share. Really yummy as well.


They cooked the intestine just right outside the stall.


After that we headed for more shopping and had afternoon snack. My friend recommended the crepe that is located in the basement of Platinum Mall.


Got a chocolate and banana crepe while my friend got donuts!



On that day, we also booked for massage with Health land spa & massage (Sathhorn)- one of the more reputable massage parlour in Thailand. My friend didn’t like Thai massage so I opted for the Thai massage and my friends took the aromatherapy massage.

As we were running out of time, we wanted to take a cab there. Boarded on a cab and the taxi driver was so nice and he told us that there will be a massive jam on our way there and it will take like an hour ish to reach there so he dropped us at the BTS station and in the end we took to Chong Nonsi Station and asked around before reaching health land.



I’ve got a room for 3 all for myself. Thai massage costs about THB$450 (S$18) for 2 hours and for aromatherapy massage, it costs about THB$850 (S$35) for 1.5hours. You can check out more of the various outlets here: www.healthlandspa.com


I absolutely love Thai massage! Totally felt my muscles and body in relaxed mode after.


And after massage, we hopped on a taxi and headed for Chinatown


The busy street of Bangkok.


Went to Chinatown for yummy seafood meal. There are many stalls selling seafood there. My friend recommended T&K seafood whose staff are in green colour.



Really affordable and awesome yummy seafood!


Look at what we ordered for the 3 of us!




Crab Tang Hoon noodles Must order and try


Very huge prawns



Oyster with egg


and mussels!


All of that for the price of THB$1120 (S$46), can you believe it?


After that, we walked down the street to get some local snacks home



Some of the local snacks that I think it would be good to get is the pork floss, kaya/durian rolls is good too.

Look forward to my day 4 & 5 combine post where we went to terminal 21 mall, Siam night market, Siam paragon and then head back home! 🙂
After the Bangkok post, I will most likely post my Vietnam trip first (I’m so excited to share!) before posting my way overdue LEGOLAND experience in Malaysia and my Bintan trip.

So please look out for this space! Till then.

Raine Ong 🙂

Bangkok Travel log 2012- Day 1 (Khao San Night Market)

10 May

Hi there!

Here’s the next part of my Bangkok travel log day 1- Khao San Night Market.

One thing that was kind of ‘scary’ for me was the transportation. We tried to hail a taxi but none was willing to negotiate nor reduce the price. I think it’s kind of a ‘norm’ over there for the taxi to charge you based on flat rate as they know if they were to switch on the meter, it’ll be way lesser. So after ‘haggling’ prices for sometime (15mins?), this tuk tuk finally decided to fetch us at THB$140 (S$6)

He’s really nice, even have a plate that warns tourists of motorists snatching bag.


Here’s a blur view of Khao San Night Market. Khao San Night Market is the centre of the backpacker’s district where affordable hostels are located in the street. Not only that, it is also famous for buying of beach items like bikini, swimwear; hair braiding etc.



We were supposed to meet my friend’s friend at the night market for dinner. Couldn’t find the initial place which they suggested so we just went to this restaurant, Tom Yum Kung for dinner.




Part of the menu:


We ordered Phad Thai which tastes really awful


My friend ordered fried rice


Tom yum soup



And my favourite, Thai Iced Tea


Overall review of the restaurant: Really bad service, slow, food is awful and over-priced menu. Do not dine in here, unless you really have no choice (which I don’t think that will happened). We reckon street food would have probably taste much better and obviously, cheaper.

My friend’s friend was adventurous enough to try the BBQ meat, which is quite yummy 😀



Khao San Road is also famous for its bars, clubs and pubs and the street is still very vibrant at around 12am. Ended our day with some beer!




Overall review of Khao San Night Market/Road: There isn’t much things to buy or shop. Most of the stalls sells pretty much the same thing. But if you really want to buy Bikini/ swimwear, you should really come here, there’s like tons of it. Many Clubs, pubs and bars are located in Khao San road as well and it closes really late, so if you want to experience the nightlife of Thailand or just chill and have a drink, you can consider coming here too 🙂

And yay! That’s it for Day 1 trip. I just came back from Vietnam on Monday, and really can’t wait to blog about it. [but oh wait, I need to complete this Bangkok one first].

Till then! Have an awesome weekend alright!


The Mango Tree @ I12 Katong, Singapore

20 Mar

Hi all! (:

It’s been a long time. I just had a really yummy indian food earlier for a colleague’s farewell.

It’s called The Mango Tree.



They have ala carte menu and serve buffet only during lunch time.


We had the lunch buffet (: really nice and worth it than ordering ala carte. But sadly they only have buffet during lunch and not dinner.

Now let’s take a look at the range of food that is part of the buffet.

Starting with the soup – lentil soup.
The taste wise is nice but it’s a little spicy for me.


The starters (: vegetables and yoghurt.



Let’s take a look at the mains now (: are you able to guess what are the dishes?

4 different types of vegetables. There’s brinjal, cabbage, spinach paste with green chilli and lentil paste. My favourite is the lentil paste! (:

The staple! Carbohydrates.
There are 2 types of rice, plain basmastic and one which is stir fried with spices. They also have my favourite naan and papadum (((:

They prepare the naan on the spot (: who doesn’t loves warm naans?

And how can we missed out the protein right?
There’s fish, muttom and chicken curry. In addition, there’s tandoori chicken too.

It’s such a spread of buffet dishes for indian cuisine isn’t it? Look at what I got as a first round of tasting.
Soup, salad and a mocktail. Well, I also must mention that the utensils used is brass/copper matetial so it’s a little heavy.
2nd round with the mains. I think I had 6-7 naans? too delicious, I couldn’t resist.


Lastly, how can entree comes without desserts right? I didn’t take the pictures of the desserts. It was rice pudding and semonila flour with spices dessert. it’s kind of sweet for me, I didn’t really like it.

Overall I feel it’s really a good deal for the lunch buffet, considering the wide range of dishes in the buffet menu.

Want to know more about The Mango Tree?
Check out their website at http://www.themangotree.com.sg (:

Cheers! More updates on my travel log after my exams.

Have a blessed day!


Taiwan 2011- Day 7&8

12 Jan

Hi all! We’re finally at the last post of my Taiwan 2011 trip.

Day 7 & 8 is a really simple and short post.

Day 7 was a re-visit to Dan Shui and Shilin Night market for more shopping.  The weather was cold as it was rainy. While day 8 was the time we had to go back and so morning we spend our time at xi men ding.

Jump in the middle of Dan Shui Street 🙂


Bubble Bubble tea!

Love the bread with fillings.


Supper at night from the take aways from Shilin night market in our rooms 🙂


Last picture taken in our room!

Finally tried the mee sua from here! Really yummy and good 🙂



Then we saw this the night before and my friend decided to make a bear book for herself.


His’ working area.
I bought a pen from him, yay! Really hard work to be gluing all together. You should see him pushing around a cart around ximending area.

And then it was about time for us to go :((

One last picture of Mr Li & us 🙂 Really thankful for him going the extra distance and teaching us so much more about taiwan.
Our dinner in the airport!



And that’s all! Glad that I finally managed to finish this taiwan post. YAY!


Nana’s Green Tea, Singapore

7 Jan

Hi there!

I’m back with another post on a recent restaurant I’ve tried. I hope you guys enjoy reading these short posts! As I’m working on the travel posts for taiwan & Bangkok, I’ll be travelling again in May 2013, are you guys able to make a guess where about would I be travelling this time round?

(p.s. hint: it’s still in the southeast Asia region & it has border and trains which allow you to cross border other countries)

Yup so back to Nana’s green tea. Nana’s green tea is located in the new extension of plaza singapura shopping mall, doby ghaut. The new extension has a few new cafes and restaurants over there, one of it is skinny pizza and hosino coffee which I’ve tried and will be blogging about it soon.

so what is nana’s green tea? well, they basically specialized in matcha, a type of Japanese green tea. Other than that, the restaurant serves Japanese cuisine as well. take a look at some of the menu items.

the matcha tea which they offer. they have roasted matcha as well. didn’t order any of the drink, was serving our stomach for desserts! ((:

On the menu, there’s donburi. Donburi, in short Don, is a Japanese dish that rice filled with ingredients on top.

Other than don, they also serves udon.

Now just take a look at what we ordered (:
my friend and I ordered the same dish cause it looks so good and was recommended on the menu (:
we had the beef don (can’t remember the exact name). The don comes with a miso soup.

after having our main course, we were pretty full so we ordered a desert to share. Doesn’t it looks good? and this was some parfait desert that has whipped cream, matcha ice cream, red bean, mochi (my favourite!), corn flakes, azuki jelly. pretty yummy! (:

overall, we spent about S$20 ish and had a very full meal. if you would like to try out as well, it is located at:

Plaza Singapura, the new extension.
Level 2, right beside skinny pizza.
you can check out the Facebook page @

Till then! (:


Taiwan 2011- Day 6

3 Jan

Hi all!

Here’s the taiwan day 6 post! 🙂 Gosh, it’s had been 2 years && I’ve still yet to complete this post. But well, it will soon, by January 2013.

If you remember my earlier post on Taiwan 2011- Day 1, I mentioned about Mr Li (The driver whom fetch us from airport), recommended us to go to the theme park somewhere near 台中. We headed his advice and ‘booked’ him for another day trip over to that theme park instead of the initial one (Lefoo Village) which we wanted to go.

I think it is really good to charter a van and a driver if you have 4 people and above with you. Chartering a van & driver all to yourself allows you to have flexibility over the time as well as the comfort of your own friends. I do read on forums that people whom travel in pair in taiwan, they usually will share the chartered taxi/van with another couple just to share costs. So is really up to individual’s discretion to choose.

Two days before when we were with Mr Li for a trip to 九份 and 十份 (if you havent read this post, check it out here, Taiwan 2011- Day 3), he came to fetch us about 8am. This time round, it’s slightly earlier cause of the longer journey. He came to fetch us about 7am. After a long journey (can’t remember how many hours), we’ve reach our destination!

Here it is! Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, 九族文化村. Entrance fee is NT$650 (S$32.50)
From here, you can take the cable car and travel up to the famous Sun Moon Lake, 日月潭.


We entered from here.


and was greated by this amazing field filled with lavender flowers. The sun was so good that day, it made the view looks amazing.


And then after a walk through the beautiful view, we reached the entrance.

In the cultural park, they have rides & attractions. Other than that, they also have aboriginal villages and live show which reflects the local 原住民’s culture. 原住民 in taiwan is also known as the indigenous people all over the world.

Adapted from Wikipedia: Indigenous people are ethnic minorities who have been marginalized as their historical territories became part of a state. In international or national legislation they are generally defined as having a set of specific rights based on their historical ties to a particular territory and on their cultural or historical distinctiveness from politically dominant populations.

Stepping into the entrance, we were greeted by this warm singing by the locals dressed in their traditional costumes.

Then, we headed for the rides & attractions. The Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village has five theme parks: the European Gardens, the Aladdin Plaza, the Aboriginal Villages, Amusement Isle and Ti Ka Er Rainforest. Below are some pictures 🙂

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.
Wanted to sit this UFO, but it was under maintenance 😦


One of the most exciting ride is this! All of us bought ponchos to prevent ourselves from getting really wet! We probably sat for 4-5 times? Really fun.

Then we headed for the indoor theme park! Don’t you love the merry-go-round?

I DO! 😀

Not only that you can pay to play games such as shooting & throwing the loop to earn yourself a price.

After a day of game & fun, it started drizzling so we headed to watch the live show.

Personally, I really enjoyed it but my friends whom were with me does not feel the same as me.

Mr Li knows everything about the place, even the cable car timing. After he dropped us at the entrance, he told us to take the 5pm cable car up to Sun Moon Lake where he’ll be waiting for us over there. Mr Li, whom is kinda like a tour guide too was really nice to us 🙂

&& we are! Up to sun moon lake!

As it was drizzling, the view up there wasn’t as good. We were supposed to see the sun setting at that time but it was so cloudy and misty, the view looks really normal 😦

We reached the top! & met Mr Li at a meeting point.

You can check out more about Formosan & Sun Moon Lake over here:

On the way down from Sun Moon Lake, there were a couple of shops that sells souvenirs & a place where the peacocks are so Mr Li asked us if we wanted to stop over for a short while to take a look. So we went 🙂

There’s really nice tea-boiled egg and sausages!



Look at the peacocks! So fortunate to see a peacock opening its father!




My friend whom is advertising for the steamed sweet potato, her favourite! 🙂


While we were driving towards the night market, I see a stall selling a fruit which I’ve never seen before. Been very curious, I asked Mr Li what it was and he stopped by the side of the road and ask us if we want to try it. Without saying more, he alighted (Isn’t he really nice?) and bought us a bag of this, do you know what is this?
Make a guess! (I’ll revealed what this fruit is at the end of the post)

We then headed towards the Fengjia Night Market, 逢甲夜市. I’ll just post the pictures I have on hand, but overall, I must say I really love this night market than any others!






As time was really a constraint by then, we split up and went to shop before meeting up at a place hence the very few photos for the night market. The shopping here is slightly cheaper & personally I feel that there’s a lot more things to buy! Totally regretted not staying a night here but that’s also because we already paid in full our hotel rates already.

And that’s the end for taiwan day 6, did you managed to guess what fruit that was? (Drums roll)

It is………………..  Pipa 枇杷 fruit or also known as Loquat. Did you managed to guessed it?

YAY! And that’s the end of this post, hope you enjoyed it 🙂


Au Chocolat Bistro, Singapore

28 Dec

Hello all! (:

I’m so glad I am able to blog a little more often with the application now! (: hopefully that can keep going even when school starts yeah.

So as the title shows, recently my friend brought me for dinner at Au Chocolat Bistro located in MBS. From what he told me, this Bistro is newly opened by a Singaporean, whom is the head chef himself as well (correct me if it’s wrong).

The Bistro is located in MBS.  Many people would have thought that it would be kinda pricey since is located there eh. We’ll personally I feel that it is pretty reasonable for the food and the ambience.  Alright, enough of all the typing, I’ll show you guys the pics taken by my Samsung S3 with no editing done to the picture yup! (:

Before that, a view of the beautiful sunset when we were driving there.



Look at the exterior of the restaurant (:


And the interior. Really gorgeous and the European kinda feel eh?



And here’s some of the menu items I took, they have it on their website too.


Au Chocolat offers quite a range food for you to choose from. Starting from savory, sweet crepes to all day breakfast, pasta etc.. you’re quite spoilt for choice!



The desserts menu looks too good! Totally feel like trying everything.


And as the name of Bistro goes, one of the few signatures dishes definitely has chocolate! (:

Take a look what we ordered! (: The following pictures are what we ordered for 2 persons. One of the reason why we ordered quite a bit is because I didn’t have lunch so I was really hungry when I was there. Hence, please don’t be shocked by how much two person can eat.


Warm water is serve in a teacup.


Shared a cup of frozen hot chocolate (S$12). Just look at the amount of whipped cream you can imagine the number of calories in it.


We started by ordering a starter named tater tots ($12) which is basically mini hash browns which came with two sauces. The tartare sauce is really nice and yummy!

How it was served:

Close up shot:


After our starter, here comes our main course! My friend ordered an Egg Benedict ($18) while I ordered a linguine vongole ($23).

My opinion: tried a little of my friend’s egg ben and think that it’s a little salty for me. And if you’re really hungry, I don’t think you can be full after that.



My opinion on linguine vongole: wow, this dish tastes really good to me. No addition of cheese nor any seasoning is required at all. Pasta is al dente. Overall you can really give it a try (:



after our main course, it’s tome for desserts! we had a hard time trying to figure what to order. I really wanted to try the layered chocolate cake which my friend said is huge and we definitely would not be able to finish it. well so in the end, the server came to recommend us caramel apple skillet ($17) and so we tried.

my opinion: not too bad even though we still can’t finished it. but I still would love to try the chocolate cake (:


and here comes to the end of my post (: hope you guys enjoy reading and of you are interested to try out this Bistro, here’s the address

Bay level L1-03
The Shoppers at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956
Website: http://www.auchocolat.com

Till next time, 2012 is ending in 3 days time, have you made your new year resolution?


Loysel’s Toy, Singapore

25 Dec


It’s christmas eve tonight, are you spending it with a loved ones? Here’s wishing all of you a Merry Merry Christmas! 🙂 Wanted to do a video wishing you guys but I guessed that would only happened next year 🙂

Today’s post is about one of the cafe I went last two months. As the title show, yup, it is Loysel’s Toy. How do I come across this’ place? Well, as it is near to my workplace so for one of my colleague’s farewell, we came here. Till date, I’ve ate here twice.

Loysel’s Toy is famous for their coffee as they brand themselves as the coffee crafters. Enough said, check out the combined photos of my visit.

Here’s the place! (Right above there’s also a shop that sells ukulele!)



Look at the menu! Not too much range but I think is pretty decent 🙂


My friend ordered this, sausages with mashed potato and salad.
Personally, i think is pretty normal, nothing too fanciful.


Beef sandwich
Wow, I love the bread use in this! 🙂 Yum! Worthy a try


Duck salad which is meant to be a starter but it was only served after our main meals.


For this first time, I tried the pasta. Hmm, not too bad 🙂


&& we didn’t have any desserts right after.

And here is the pictures taken for the next trip.

Desserts served & is changed everyday.


On the 2nd trip, here’s what we ordered.
chicken sandwich.


Pasta 🙂


Egg Benedict’s


Me with my roasted beef sandwich 🙂


we ordered earl grey cake.


&& the cappuccino I ordered 🙂 I’m really a coffee lover.


Overall I think it’s really worth the try to have the sandwich and the coffee 🙂

Here the address:
66 Kampong Bugis, Ture
#01-02 S(338987)
It’s not really accessible by bus though you can alight somewhere near and walk over. But it’ll be so much better if you drive 🙂

To find out more, you can:
– check out their webpage: http://www.loyselstoy.com/
– or their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LoyselsToy

Do you like this post? Leave me a comment or like them! 🙂

Have a blessed christmas! Till then.




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Catharsis. Clarity. Courage. Compassion.


"Don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem."

The Duo Voyage of Genecia & Raine

The adventures of two individuals who love to travel

Diane Leow

Journalist. Storyteller. Coffee drinker.


Manhattan girl with a love for travel and food

What an Amazing World!

Seeing, feeling and exploring places and cultures of the world


altruism meets economics