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Backpacking Vietnam Travelogue 2013 – Day 3 (Hoi An)

13 Sep

Hello there!

Finally up to day 3, well I’m sorta half way there! So for day 3, we had kinda had a free & easy full day at Hoi An.

Well, if you haven’t known, Hoi An has been placed in the list as one of the world cultural heritage. It is an ancient town that has preserved its architecture quite well. Not only so, Hoi An is also known for its tailored made shirts, shoes and even bags.

Here’s a picture of us right before leaving the home-stay


And another one with our bicycles!




The night before when we were cycling back to our hostel, we pass by a tailor-made shop (well, there’s a dozen of them) and decided that we will check them right first thing in the morning!

I think most of the time, the shops are affiliated. Right beside this tailor-made clothing shop, is a tailor-made shoe shop. And without even much thinking, you would have guessed that we got ourselves both.



Minimally, they need at least a day to produce your items. But cause we were leaving right early morning the next day, they kept telling us that they can deliver to our home-stay at night. So without much hesitation, we started choosing the cloth and the way we want to made our clothing into.


Don’t worry if you have no ideas the style of clothing you want to make, they also provide fashion magazines & catalogs for your reference.

I tailored made 2 tops and 2 pairs of leather shoes and spent VDN$840,000 (SGD$50) and VDN 892,000 (SGD$53) respectively, which is really worth it.

After we’re done with purchasing, we proceed with lunch 🙂



Had the local chicken rice

And this really nice noodle named the Cao Lau which is made of  thicker noodles that has a chewy texture, together with pork and raw veggie. The homemade chili sauce is really yummy. Even though its been a year, but I can still remember this dish till date 🙂

We bought our tickets from the information counter- Just right beside the Japanese bridge


The ticket costs about VDN120,000 (SGD7.20) for 5 site-visiting places

First we visited the Japanese Bridge
And then visited, 2-3 ancient houses that has the Japanese and Chinese elements


We also visited a museum


Initially we wanted to head for Thu Bon River rowing but we can’t seem to find the place hence we settled for a normal boat ride.


The weather is extremely HOT and Sunny as you can see the sky is really blue.


The good thing about being in a cycling city is you get to explore the entire part, cycle and enjoy the beautiful view.

IMG_0494 IMG_0497

We actually booked to do Yoga a class at An Bang Beach for 2 hours for VDN500,000 (S$30) but then couldn’t cause it rained 😦


Nearing to the end of the day, we headed for dinner by the river again.



Not too sure if it’s cause of the food, my travel partner was down with stomach upset the next day.

Last by not least, we cycled pass this spa place & decided to head in there for a rest and relax session.


And that’s it for part 1! Till next time.


Backpacking Vietnam Travelogue 2013 – Day 2 part 2 (Danang/ Hoi An)

16 Mar

Notice: I have really backlogged this for ages. Supposed to post this up in December, so I’ll prolly just leave the intro as it is 😛

Hi there! I just ended my exams today & getting really happy and excited at the same time. Just to share with you guys I will be travelling for work this coming Monday to Myanmar- the first to the country & my first work trip! Hopefully I’ll be able to just share some snippets of my work trip after I am back. Now with my exams done, I hope I can complete this travelogue soon? Before I get to my next trip end of the year 🙂 So here’s day 2 part 2 of the travelogue. So right after our Cuchi tour, the tour guide drop us in a shopping mall near the airport where we had our lunch. It was quite decent and yummy 🙂 IMG_0226 IMG_0223 IMG_0222

After lunch, we were still very early for our flight departure and hence went to had a walk around the mall which didn’t had much stuff at all. In the end, we decide to head to the airport earlier to just chill and take a rest a lil’ bit. Earlier on, the driver from cuchi tunnel said that we could walk to the airport. However after figuring out for quite sometime, we didn’t quite get where & how we could walked in there. No sign, no pedestrian, just roads so we had to catch a cab to go to the airport.

Here’s a picture of the domestic airport

Our tickets

IMG_0231 IMG_0238
Interestingly, we had to take a bus to our airplane.

Here’s a picture of our really shagged faces after a long day

Always enjoy taking picture of the sky when I am in the air

Here’s a picture of the Danang domestic airport which looks really new, clean and nice. Kinda different from the one in Ho Chi Min.

We arranged for transport with the home-stay we were staying with in Hoi An for about VDN$350,000 (SGD$21) for 2 pax, one way trip. It was about 45mins to an hour ride from Danang Airport to Hoi An.

Here’s a picture of where we stayed in Hoi An.

Here’s the details of the home-stay we stayed:

HoiAn Nature Homestay
164 Ly Thai To Street

Really enjoyed the place we stayed. Even though there was a little communication break-down at times as their English was not as strong, we managed to break through the barriers with sign languages (even though I kind of suck at it). The home-stay has a total of 4 floors-high, a common living and dining area which I find it good enough for a night or two stay. As the location of the home-stay is slightly away from the Hoi An town, bicycle is freely provided for us to cycle to the town and to the beach.

Here are more pictures of the home-stay place!
Here’s the outside of the home-stay (with the owner’s son in the picture) and the bathroom which was quite spacious.

And here’s the small area with cupboards, leading to the bedroom coupled with mosquito nets.

As it was around 7ish 8 when we reached the home-stay, it was kinda dark to navigate the area finding our way to the town while cycling. A little scary at first (for fear of losing our way, well we still did anyways). But in the end, glad all is well! We managed to reach our destination and was blown away by the night view of the beautiful Hoi An!

IMG_0309 IMG_0283 IMG_0506IMG_0277

After which, we moved on to grab dinner for ourselves before heading around town to check it out. A six-course meal for the both of us + 2 ice-cold beers, for the price of VDN305,500 (SGD18).

IMG_0301 IMG_0302 IMG_0303 IMG_0308 IMG_0307 IMG_0306

Ice-cold beers to chill out

We also walked pass this where you can pay to play this game. Kinda similar to Pinata concept, you are blind-folded and had to be directed by your friend to hit the hanging piggy and once it’s break open, you get a price. Thing is, you only get 2 chances and that’s it.

And YAY! Here’s the end of my day 2 part 2 post!

Coming up next will be continuance of visitation of a full day trip in Hoi An! 🙂 Also good news to share with you guys is, my finals of the final exam will end in April and hopefully this means I have more time to commit into the blogging and sharing scene of my VERY VERY backlogged trip, which I kinda repeats in my every other post.

Can’t wait for the day where I get more time to do more things which I enjoy!

And till the next post!

Raine 🙂

Vietnam Travelogue 2013- Introduction

4 Jun

Hello there! Yippee, I am so excited and happy to start blogging about my Vietnam Trip. This trip is a very different trip from the rest of the places that I have been. I’ve met a few other travellers on the road, tasted food which I have not tasted before and viewing things in a different perspective.

After I am back from this trip, I still am thinking about it and excited to meet and hear stories from other travellers again. I think I am in love with backpacking and the idea of traveling while working or even quitting my  job and travel for a couple of months (but first, I need to save up).

Well, some of you may ask, why did I decided to travel to Vietnam? Well, honestly, we didn’t have it all planned out. My friend and I had the intention of backpacking but we don’t know exactly where about. And then, last December Jetstar Airlines was having the ‘Fly a Friend for Free’ promotion going on so we just decided, and snap, my next destination was in Vietnam – the start of our first backpacking trip for the both of us.

We bought a one way ticket to Ho Chi Minh City, with the idea to fly back from Hanoi. In between, we have no plans on where and how we wanted to go. We didn’t get it all checked out and bought the return tickets from Hanoi from Singapore Airlines, with the mind to travel for 7 days (kind of reckless). However after asking people on forums and the internet, we concluded that 7 days was too rushed to cover from south to north of Vietnam. Then again, both of us don’t have that many of annual leave to take, so we just changed our flight back to a 9 days trip instead (which is equally rush but better than 7days).

Even though this trip is not ‘literally’ considered as a backpacking trip (cause we had most of the stuff planned out and booked mainly due to the short time frame we have), we still think it has been a tremendous ‘first’ travelling-with-a-backpack- kind of experience for us to both have 🙂

And so, after telling you about how my destination landed in Vietnam. Like all my other travelogues, I will start with some general introduction which hopefully could help some of you out there to understand Vietnam a little better 🙂

General Introduction
Vietnam is larger than Singapore (duh) and is divided into the south, central, north etc. For the individual locations for each part of Vietnam, you can check out this link: http://www.vietnamonline.com/destination.html Each city is unique to its own culture. For this trip, we travelled to Ho Chi Minh (also known as Saigon), Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi and Halong Bay. Not only the culture slightly differs from each city, the weather and the people as well.

Weather in Vietnam
The weather is pretty similar to Singapore, sunny all year-long with two monsoon seasons differing from the south and the north of Vietnam. Personally, I think Vietnam is so much hotter than Singapore. Probably cause Vietnam (south) is much nearer to the equator and hence explains the heat. So better check out the months that is suitable for traveling to the different parts of Vietnam over here: http://www.vietvisiontravel.com/vietnam/travel-guide/weather/forecast/

Mobile Card in Vietnam
After exiting the International Airport, you could see a row of money exchange booth (on the right) and most of them sells mobile sim card as well. If you are holding a smart phone, don’t worry, they have it all covered too. I paid about ₫$180,000 (S$11) for unlimited data usage for the 9 days I was there. Even though am not sure how much credit it is left with but it’s surely worth it.

Transport in Vietnam
The main transport we took while traveling in the cities is by walking. Walking is the best transportation. From city to city, you can take domestic flight to fly from one place to another (if you don’t have much time like us). Other than that, sleeper bus and trains are a great idea too. You can choose to buy on the spot but to play safe, we generally will buy in advance especially during the festive holidays (like TET). I will share with you guys more on the mode of transport we took to travel from one city to another.

People in Vietnam
They are generally really nice! (even when you bargain). But some locals may try to sell you something or I’ve read on forums on scamming cases but thank god nothing of that happened when we were there. Most of them are cool when we rejected politely. Different cities are kind of different too. Will share more of that later as well 🙂

Language in Vietnam
The national language of Vietnam is the Vietnamese language. I always feel that it’s good to learn a few simple phrase of the local language to communicate with the locals. Even though Vietnamese language is really hard but smart phone application made it all easier. Just simply search for free Vietnamese phrases on your smart phone app, you can easily get free apps and learn a few basic phrases! 🙂

Some of the locals (especially shop vendors) can speak basic English. The younger generation mostly can speak English. From my understanding from the guide, they have to learn English up to primary school. And most of them continue English lessons at educational centres. However, as English is not the primary language used in Vietnam,  it may be a little bit harder to understand them (because of the accent) but all is well for us! Use sign language or simply pressing the calculator if you need to 🙂

I hope this general introduction is helpful for you. Look out for my day 1 Vietnam travelogue next week 🙂

Have a good week.

p.s. one more thing to note: Vietnam is an hour behind Singapore.

Oh! by the way, you can catch a glimpse of my entire trip in a video created by my friend over here, if you haven’t: Summary of Vietnam 




Vietnam backpacking Trip in 9 days

16 May

Hi all!

Here’s a video that was created by my travel partner, Genecia for our trip 🙂 A summary to our backpacking trip.

Bangkok posts will be posted every week and will be completed in 2-3 weeks time. Thereafter do look out for my Vietnam post.

I am having my post-holiday withdrawal symptom now, really wish I had more time.

Till then.



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