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Backpacking Vietnam Travelogue 2013 – Day 4 (Hue)

1 Jan

Hurray finally up to Day FOUR post where we will left Hoi An and took a Sinh Tourist Bus to Hue.

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you. May I complete more travel posts in the year of 2015!

We booked the tickets (USD$12, S$14 for two) prior to the trip and collected the day before.

Rise up on a bright and sunny morning @0730hours!



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Backpacking Vietnam Travelogue 2013 – Day 3 (Hoi An)

13 Sep

Hello there!

Finally up to day 3, well I’m sorta half way there! So for day 3, we had kinda had a free & easy full day at Hoi An.

Well, if you haven’t known, Hoi An has been placed in the list as one of the world cultural heritage. It is an ancient town that has preserved its architecture quite well. Not only so, Hoi An is also known for its tailored made shirts, shoes and even bags.

Here’s a picture of us right before leaving the home-stay


And another one with our bicycles!




The night before when we were cycling back to our hostel, we pass by a tailor-made shop (well, there’s a dozen of them) and decided that we will check them right first thing in the morning!

I think most of the time, the shops are affiliated. Right beside this tailor-made clothing shop, is a tailor-made shoe shop. And without even much thinking, you would have guessed that we got ourselves both.



Minimally, they need at least a day to produce your items. But cause we were leaving right early morning the next day, they kept telling us that they can deliver to our home-stay at night. So without much hesitation, we started choosing the cloth and the way we want to made our clothing into.


Don’t worry if you have no ideas the style of clothing you want to make, they also provide fashion magazines & catalogs for your reference.

I tailored made 2 tops and 2 pairs of leather shoes and spent VDN$840,000 (SGD$50) and VDN 892,000 (SGD$53) respectively, which is really worth it.

After we’re done with purchasing, we proceed with lunch 🙂



Had the local chicken rice

And this really nice noodle named the Cao Lau which is made of  thicker noodles that has a chewy texture, together with pork and raw veggie. The homemade chili sauce is really yummy. Even though its been a year, but I can still remember this dish till date 🙂

We bought our tickets from the information counter- Just right beside the Japanese bridge


The ticket costs about VDN120,000 (SGD7.20) for 5 site-visiting places

First we visited the Japanese Bridge
And then visited, 2-3 ancient houses that has the Japanese and Chinese elements


We also visited a museum


Initially we wanted to head for Thu Bon River rowing but we can’t seem to find the place hence we settled for a normal boat ride.


The weather is extremely HOT and Sunny as you can see the sky is really blue.


The good thing about being in a cycling city is you get to explore the entire part, cycle and enjoy the beautiful view.

IMG_0494 IMG_0497

We actually booked to do Yoga a class at An Bang Beach for 2 hours for VDN500,000 (S$30) but then couldn’t cause it rained 😦


Nearing to the end of the day, we headed for dinner by the river again.



Not too sure if it’s cause of the food, my travel partner was down with stomach upset the next day.

Last by not least, we cycled pass this spa place & decided to head in there for a rest and relax session.


And that’s it for part 1! Till next time.

Collaboration Travel Post- Things to do in Las Vegas and Taiwan

26 Mar

Hi there!

This week’s post is a really unique one. I had the opportunity to do a collaboration travel post with @Kendra Thornton from Chicago. The objective is really just to share both of our favorite travel places and the things we like to do there. I supposed you guys are able to guess the author of the article? (yes that’s right, Kendra on Las Vegas and yours truly on Taiwan).

Personally, I haven’t been to Las Vegas at all so looking at the article written by Kendra, I definitely want to visit the place some day!


Las Vegas- A Family-Friendly Sin City
Written by: Kendra Thornton

One of my favorite places for a family vacation is Las Vegas. Despite its nickname Sin City, this bustling desert oasis has plenty of kid-friendly activities that the whole family can enjoy. With spectacular shows, amusement parks and watery wonderlands, this city will entertain Mom, Dad and the kids.

Don’t Forget to Scream

The decibel levels in some parts of Las Vegas have risen due to the wild rides available. This is a roller coaster lover’s paradise. Adventuredome inside Circus Circus is home to many of the city’s most thrilling rides. The Canyon Blaster is the world’s only indoor double-loop, double-corkscrew roller coaster. Their record-breaking El Loco, just announced this past December will excite lovers of negative-G drops.

Learn a Little During Your Stay

I’m not a fan of musty museums, but Las Vegas has some fun, quirky places that make learning about history a lot of fun. The Neon Museum, located just off the downtown strip, shows off the city’s history in lights. The National Atomic Testing Museum features unique exhibits about the scientific history of the region. My kids love spending a day at Discovery Children’s Museum. It seems that everywhere you turn in Las Vegas there is a new learning opportunity.

Explore the Desert

I love that this booming metropolis lies in the heart of a desert. To see some truly magnificent scenery, take a Pink Jeep Tour. Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas picks guests up at their hotels. The guided tours then travel to various scenic spots in the area. When my kids get old enough to enjoy the ride, I look forward to booking the day trip to the Grand Canyon.

Train the Dolphins

The magic of Las Vegas includes some amazing watery adventures. At Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, guests can become dolphin trainers for a day. You’ll work alongside marine animal experts and interact with the resident Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. I loved this outing at least as much as my kids did. By the end of the day, I felt almost like a marine biologist.


Regardless of your personal preferences in recreation, you’re sure to find something fun to do in Las Vegas. My family always enjoys the wide selection of activities, and we have fun planning our Las Vegas itinerary together. Sites like Gogobot make it easy to plan so you are more prepared once you visit. It allows you to read user reviews of various hotels and even restaurants. I’m sure you and your family will enjoy Sin City as much as we do.


Taiwan- One of my all-time favorite travelling place
Written by: Raine Ong

A 5-hour flight takes me from where I am in Singapore to my favorite travelling place- Taiwan.

Taiwan is a country where you can immerse yourself in its diversity in the different culture, people, and religion. At the same time, you can plan your itinerary based on outdoors, nature, shopping, sightseeing etc. There are just so many areas which you can explore in this country, making it suitable for backpackers, travelers whom are seeking for leisure trips, whom are looking to shop, to eat; as well as, big family that are looking for a family friendly place to travel to.

Personally, I have been to Taiwan twice and am heading again this May. Taiwan is a huge country which is divided into different cities. The capital of Taiwan is in Taipei. Let me share with you some of the places that I have been and hopefully this will be useful for you.

Night Markets
If you are a real foodie and would like to try some authentic Taiwanese street food cuisines, visiting one of the night markets is a must on your itinerary. Night markets is one of the icons of Taiwan. It’s a place where you can find really yummy street food together with good shopping buys. Interestingly, different night market has different characteristics altogether, and of course the different ‘must try food’ on the list varies too! Here are some of my recommended ‘must try dishes’ when you head to Taiwan

1. Potato cheese

potato cheese

Baked potato filled with your choice of ingredients (I had corn & ham), filled up with nacho cheese. Not counting the amount of calories in (who cares anyway when you travel), this food is a must try when you head to the night market, especially if you are a cheese lover just like me.

2. Shaved Ice Mango


It can get quite hot in summer, chill yourself down with a cold shaved mango ice. The mangoes, or rather all fruits in Taiwan are really sweet and yummy.

3.  Oyster/ Pork intestines Vermicelli


One of my real favorites and a dish which I will have it every time when I am in Taiwan. This is a popular street food in Taiwan. This thick, rich soupy vermicelli comes with either pork intestines or oyster. You will usually top it up with chili, garlic sauce and vinegar based on individual preferences.

4.  Stinky Tofu

stinky tofu

If you are wondering if it literally means that the Tofu is smelly, then bingo you are right! The strong smell basically came from the tofu’s fermentation and can be quite hard to accept. If you are quite adventurous, just like me, you can give this a try.

Taiwan will be one of the places you can really buy at an affordable price. Other than the night markets which was mentioned earlier, there are also many other places which you can consider visiting in your next trip. One of my favourite is the wholesale area, Wu Fen Pu. It has a large variety of items. However to be able to get the stuff at a better price, you got to buy more in a shop. So I supposed the trick here is to go shopping with more friends so you guys can bulk up your purchases as a whole and bargain the price. Of course, other than the street shops, there are shopping areas as well in the city mall and the department stores.

I really enjoying going away from the hustle and bustle of a city and just immerse myself in the greenery. Taiwan has heaps of nature places where you can go to. I personally had been to Hualien, which is a 2.5hours train ride away from the city. Hualien is also one of the least crowded city in Taiwan. There are the well-known Taroko National Park which is a must visit to Hualien. Of course, other than visiting places, you can also do nature activities such as surfing, river tracing, dolphin watching etc. in various part of Taiwan.


Here are just a very brief introduction of the things which you can enjoy in Taiwan. I believe it is a place that is suitable for anyone based on your travel objectives. Oh, and here are some of the website I like to check out on accommodation and places to visit, as well as reviews from people whom have been there. Some of it includes lonely planet, agoda, trip advisor etc. which is really helpful in planning your itinerary.

I hope you guys enjoyed this collaboration post! You can follow Kendra at her twitter @Kendra Thornton.
Do leave a comment below if there’s any feedback or questions regarding any of the place.

Till then, I’ll be back at writing my Vietnam post soon.

With love,

Greetings from Hua lien, 花莲 (:

3 Jan

Hello there!

I’m currently in Hua lien, spending a night here. This morning we took a train from taipei & headed for a tour to tarokae straight after we reached. The place is really pretty & has nice scenery!

Hopefully on my next trip, I can take a solo travel to taiwan on my own round the train route! (:



currently enjoying coffee at a place near where I’m staying.


and here’s a reallly short snippets of the 1d am here. More to come after I’m back and done with my viet backlog..

till then!


Vietnam Travelogue 2013- Introduction

4 Jun

Hello there! Yippee, I am so excited and happy to start blogging about my Vietnam Trip. This trip is a very different trip from the rest of the places that I have been. I’ve met a few other travellers on the road, tasted food which I have not tasted before and viewing things in a different perspective.

After I am back from this trip, I still am thinking about it and excited to meet and hear stories from other travellers again. I think I am in love with backpacking and the idea of traveling while working or even quitting my  job and travel for a couple of months (but first, I need to save up).

Well, some of you may ask, why did I decided to travel to Vietnam? Well, honestly, we didn’t have it all planned out. My friend and I had the intention of backpacking but we don’t know exactly where about. And then, last December Jetstar Airlines was having the ‘Fly a Friend for Free’ promotion going on so we just decided, and snap, my next destination was in Vietnam – the start of our first backpacking trip for the both of us.

We bought a one way ticket to Ho Chi Minh City, with the idea to fly back from Hanoi. In between, we have no plans on where and how we wanted to go. We didn’t get it all checked out and bought the return tickets from Hanoi from Singapore Airlines, with the mind to travel for 7 days (kind of reckless). However after asking people on forums and the internet, we concluded that 7 days was too rushed to cover from south to north of Vietnam. Then again, both of us don’t have that many of annual leave to take, so we just changed our flight back to a 9 days trip instead (which is equally rush but better than 7days).

Even though this trip is not ‘literally’ considered as a backpacking trip (cause we had most of the stuff planned out and booked mainly due to the short time frame we have), we still think it has been a tremendous ‘first’ travelling-with-a-backpack- kind of experience for us to both have 🙂

And so, after telling you about how my destination landed in Vietnam. Like all my other travelogues, I will start with some general introduction which hopefully could help some of you out there to understand Vietnam a little better 🙂

General Introduction
Vietnam is larger than Singapore (duh) and is divided into the south, central, north etc. For the individual locations for each part of Vietnam, you can check out this link: http://www.vietnamonline.com/destination.html Each city is unique to its own culture. For this trip, we travelled to Ho Chi Minh (also known as Saigon), Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi and Halong Bay. Not only the culture slightly differs from each city, the weather and the people as well.

Weather in Vietnam
The weather is pretty similar to Singapore, sunny all year-long with two monsoon seasons differing from the south and the north of Vietnam. Personally, I think Vietnam is so much hotter than Singapore. Probably cause Vietnam (south) is much nearer to the equator and hence explains the heat. So better check out the months that is suitable for traveling to the different parts of Vietnam over here: http://www.vietvisiontravel.com/vietnam/travel-guide/weather/forecast/

Mobile Card in Vietnam
After exiting the International Airport, you could see a row of money exchange booth (on the right) and most of them sells mobile sim card as well. If you are holding a smart phone, don’t worry, they have it all covered too. I paid about ₫$180,000 (S$11) for unlimited data usage for the 9 days I was there. Even though am not sure how much credit it is left with but it’s surely worth it.

Transport in Vietnam
The main transport we took while traveling in the cities is by walking. Walking is the best transportation. From city to city, you can take domestic flight to fly from one place to another (if you don’t have much time like us). Other than that, sleeper bus and trains are a great idea too. You can choose to buy on the spot but to play safe, we generally will buy in advance especially during the festive holidays (like TET). I will share with you guys more on the mode of transport we took to travel from one city to another.

People in Vietnam
They are generally really nice! (even when you bargain). But some locals may try to sell you something or I’ve read on forums on scamming cases but thank god nothing of that happened when we were there. Most of them are cool when we rejected politely. Different cities are kind of different too. Will share more of that later as well 🙂

Language in Vietnam
The national language of Vietnam is the Vietnamese language. I always feel that it’s good to learn a few simple phrase of the local language to communicate with the locals. Even though Vietnamese language is really hard but smart phone application made it all easier. Just simply search for free Vietnamese phrases on your smart phone app, you can easily get free apps and learn a few basic phrases! 🙂

Some of the locals (especially shop vendors) can speak basic English. The younger generation mostly can speak English. From my understanding from the guide, they have to learn English up to primary school. And most of them continue English lessons at educational centres. However, as English is not the primary language used in Vietnam,  it may be a little bit harder to understand them (because of the accent) but all is well for us! Use sign language or simply pressing the calculator if you need to 🙂

I hope this general introduction is helpful for you. Look out for my day 1 Vietnam travelogue next week 🙂

Have a good week.

p.s. one more thing to note: Vietnam is an hour behind Singapore.

Oh! by the way, you can catch a glimpse of my entire trip in a video created by my friend over here, if you haven’t: Summary of Vietnam 



Bangkok Travel log 2012- Day 4 &5

29 May

Hello! Hope you guys are having a good week. Here’s my last blog post for Bangkok (cheers to myself for finally completing it, yay!)

Rise & shine for breakfast again 😀


We headed back to Platinum Mall for more shopping and had A&W for lunch


And then we headed to  check out Terminal 21 mall which has an interesting concept of ‘travel’ in the different levels of the mall. Stepping into the different level, brings you to different country as though you are really travelling to the country!

We took BTS to Asoke station, it’s just right outside the station, really convenient.


First up to the basement and grab some more food 🙂 Beard Papa

Had my favourite Churro too

Got some freeze dried fruits back as well

Fly to rome?

Some pictures taken in the mall.

Even the toilet is nicely decorated to the theme

We didn’t buy any thing from here cause the prices are slightly higher than Platinum Mall. Of course, the labels in the mall is different from what you find from Platinum. Most of the labels you can find is local designer label.
And then we headed for high tea at  Grand Hyatt Erwan Tea Room. It’s located near Grand Hyatt Hotel, in a directly linked shopping mall. You can take to BTS Chitlom and walk from there.
It costs about THB$280 (S$12) per person. It depends on how many set you want to order, you’ll get all that is listed in the menu below.

I  had lychee tea


Our high tea session.


A picture of the famous Buddha in Bangkok.


After high tea, we headed for more shopping at MBK and Siam Square. At night was still more shopping done at the night market in Siam square (I know right, this’ a shopping trip so well.. most of the time we are shopping!)

Had dessert at this yummy mango place as well.


Yummy burger bought from 7-eleven is yum!


And we are all pack before we go for a last-minute shopping at Platinum again.


A local snack.


Mos burger for lunch.


On our way back, caught with a Jam so we alighted half way and walked back to the hotel instead. On the way, saw this and decided to make one.


And then we are done and it’s time to head back home. Look at the number of bags I brought back.


Dinner at the airport.


And here we go, the end of my Bangkok Travel Log. Well most of the time, we are shopping hence there isn’t much content but more pictures to the travelogue. Look forward to my Vietnam post, I am excited!

Till then. Take care.


Taiwan 2011- Day 5

22 Dec


Hi there!

Hurray! The much procrastinated me is finally into blogging entry of my day 5 Taiwan trip! This post is going to be really shorter than the rest, mainly because day 5 we did not do much other than shopping.

Because the schedule from day 1 to 4 was pretty hectic, one of my friend and I was really tired and jaded out, we decided to sleep in and skip the itinerary of going to the ZOO with my other four friends. So ya, we slept in till about 10 plus in the morning and headed to xi men ding for our brunch and shopping.

One thing to note about in Taiwan is that there is usually some teenagers will try to sell you some promotion card telling you all the benefits and the participating stores etc. PLEASE DO NOT BE TRICKED AND BUY IT. Well, speaking from my own experience, my friend and I whom are quite soft-hearted, taken in what they said and totally regretted right after.

Anyway, skipping that bad experience part and move on… We had lunch at one of the noddle stall along xi men ding. I think is pretty decent! love the dumplings which the stall has. But apologise, do not have the address of the stall.

Look at the menu they offer


and here’s the noodle I ordered 🙂


After lunch, we headed to meet our friend at Wu Fen Pu (五分埔) for more shopping! 🙂

Just in case if you do not know anything about 五分埔, it is one of the popular wholesale shopping places which most people like to shop when they are in Taiwan. Personally, I feel that the choices in 五分埔 are not as many as where xi men ding, the road stall or the night market has. One of the reasons is probably because all the shops sells similar items, designs etc. so there isn’t much to see. If I did not remember wrongly, I only bought a shirt or 2 when I was there. Not really sure if it was due to the winter season hence the reason why.


But I must say the Guava which we bought from here was really yummy and sweet! love it 🙂


Despite what I personally felt, I did read on forums how some shoppers are really able to buy a lot of stuff from there so if you would like to just give it a try to find some worthy clothes, you can find out more information on how to go to 五分埔 etc., you can check out this website: http://www.wufenpu.com/

One pity thing for me is that I didn’t get to try the famous 胡须张滷肉飯, braised pork on rice just right opposite wu fen pu. But read from many blogs and forum that it’s really yummy! 🙂 I’ll probably try the next time I’m there.


After the disappointment of not buying much things, we head to the next place on our itinerary, which was 饒河夜市, rao he ye shi to hunt for yummy food.




We were so tired and hungry, we just pop into this shop to have our dinner.

Address is stated below! It’s basically a place that sells hot plate food


My friends and I. They serve free soups as well 🙂 taste is good enough.



That’s my meal. Hmmmm totally can’t recall what I had, some spaghetti thing?




After dinner, we headed to try the famous pepper ‘biscuit’. I think we got two to share! Personally, I think it tasted nicer than the 大饼包小饼, worth a try! (:


And that kind of conclude my day 5 posts. Yay hurrary! I”ll probably combine day 6&7 Taiwan post together and move on to my Bangkok trip! (: till then, watch out for this space for my cafes post!


Taiwan 2011- Day 3

13 Aug

Hello people! I apologise for the hiatus. My exams have finally come to an end and I only have a one month break before my school starts again. Before my start of school in september, I’ll be going travelling end of this August to BANGKOK! Woah, it’ll be my first trip to Bangkok hence I’m really very excited. Therefore, I’ll try my very best to finish my taiwan travel log soon 🙂

So on day 3, we chartered a van to bring us along 九份 and 十份.

The van came to pick us up early morning around 8am outside our hotel and we headed first to 野柳地质公园. In summary, the Yehliu Geopark is famous for its sea-erosion landscape, where the spots are very close to the sea and due to the sea-erosion you can see the different shapes that was formed. You can check out more on the website here http://www.ylgeopark.org.tw/ENG/info/YlIntroduction_en.aspx

The entry tickets to the Geo Park is NT$50, S$2.50

First up, a picture with the sign.

The icon 🙂

My friends & I with our tickets

They also have volunteers that will bring you through the trip and explain to you the different shapes and tell you more about the landscape

Take a look at some of the landscapes here! Can you make out what shapes are they?

This is actually, 牛郎与织女 or Romeo & juliet. Do you know which is the male and female?

The famous ‘Queen’ head which has loads of people taking pictures with it.

You should totally head down for a look if you are interested. Pretty interesting I would say. Something you’ll never find in Singapore.

Next, Mr Li brought us to buy yummy cuttlefish and some souvenirs back home. I bought around NT$400, S$20 worth of cuttlefish for own consumption and as gifts.

&& Then we headed to must go 九份老街.
Along the streets, there are many yummy foods that you can have. It includes the famous 太阳饼, muah chee, jelly, peanut ice cream, yummy mushrooms etc.

And we headed to this shop for lunch!

Peanut Ice-Cream! Pretty interesting, you can give it a try.

This is one of the stalls you can try as well 🙂 It’s kinda like muah chee but with fillings inside. HEHEHE.

You can check out more on jiu fen over here 😀 http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/pda/m1.aspx?sNo=0002091&id=290

Next, on our way heading to 十份, we pass by 黄金瀑布。Stop by to take a picture! 🙂

That is us with our driver, Mr Li! 😀

After that we pass by yin-yang sea which has 2 different colours in the sea. Didn’t take a picture of that though. Thereafter we headed to our next destination to 十份!

十份 is famous for 放天灯 so if you were to come here remember to do so 🙂

The different colours represent different meanings. My friend and I shared one for NT$85 each, S$4.25

If you are wondering where do we release the sky lanterns…. It’s on the railway track. The railway track still has trains passing by and the locals know when to avoid the tracks. It was such a cool sight seeing train just passes by you so near.

Further down the streets, you can find a few photo taking spots.

&& then you can get some souvenirs for your family and friends, got 3 for NT$220, S$11

That’s about it for day 3! We end our day doing more shopping at ximending.

*As we chartered the van to drive us around, I do not have the address nor know how to travel to those places via public transport.

Cheers! Await for my day 4 post.
My next post will be regarding my trip to The Costal Settlement Cafe in Singapore. Do check it out sometimes next week 🙂

Be blessed!


Taiwan 2011- Day 1

24 Mar

Hello there!

We took Tiger airways for our Taiwan trip. Air ticket costs around S$426 if i didn’t remember wrongly. It was a 2 way flight trip that does not include food in it. Our flight on that day got delayed for TWO HOURS. It was really frustrating as we have arranged for a mini van to transfer us from airport to Hotel and our initial plan was to arrive in Taiwan at 8pm but in the end we reached at 10pm 😦 which was rather late already. So well, my opinion is that I will try my very best not to take tiger airways if possible cause it really dampens the mood when you have to encounter flight delay. Totally a Boo-Hoo.

We booked our hotel through www.agoda.com.sg and after some research on the Hotels and the rates, we went for Lilai (Relite) Hotel which is located 5 mins to ximending and 10mins to Taipei Main Station

You can check out their website at http://relitehotel.com/

We went in a group of 6 so we had 2 rooms with 2 queen size bed in a room. For 6 nights, it was about $250 per pax for the 3 of us, pretty affordable.

The view from my hotel room

Our room 🙂

My opinion: Overall, the location of the hotel was quite convenient. A few mins away there’s 7-11 convenience store. 5 mins walk to ximending and roughly around 10 mins walk to Taipei station. Remember to grab a map when you leave the airport so you will not get lost when you’re trying to find the way to the station first time

Airport Transfer/ Tour Services

I mentioned earlier we actually chartered for a Van to pick us up to bring to our hotel right? We actually booked 李先生, Mr Li tour & airport transfer services for our trip. initially our plan was to book him for airport transfers and a trip to 野柳, 九份 but when we arrived, he actually recommended us to go to the theme park in 台中 instead so we headed his advice and book him to bring us there for a day. I will elaborate more on the trip and include the prices for the charter alright. I will highly recommend him as he is really friendly and good, like an old grandpa 😀

If you guys are interested, you guys can email his’ daughter whom is the person in-charge of scheduling & emailing:

Jess Li

The estimated prices for quoted was: (價錢是一台車的租車費用喔,一台車最多坐8位。)

Day 1
Yay! Finally I am starting my day 1 posts. As mentioned earlier, we arrived at the airport at 10pm. Thankfully, Mr Li was still waiting for us. I am really glad to have him as our driver for the trip. He brought us to a mee sua stall that was closing & bought the food that was still left & treated us that meal. So nice isn’t it? && very friendly too! When we told him our plans around Taipei, he recommended us to a day trip to 台中 which we totally did not regret going there. (Will talk about that later!)
Exploring in the night
That’s about it for day one. Most of the shops were closed when we were there 😦
The food Mr Li bought for us 😀

Us with the saussages! 🙂
Day 2 will be up next week! Stay tuned 🙂

Taiwan Trip 2011 (Introduction)

13 Mar

Hello there!

So, my taiwan trip which had happened early this April for my graduation trip. I’ll try my best to fill up the details of the places I went to 🙂 so first up, I’ll give you guys an introduction of how taiwan(mainly Taipei) is like.

Weather in April
The weather in April was slightly chilly/windy in the morning/evening. However the week that we went the weather is changing from winter to spring hence the weather was a little unpredictable. Some of the days was quite hot and some was quite cold (cause of the wind).

People in Taiwan
The people in taiwan are really friendly and nice. You can talk to almost anyone & they’ll be most willing to help 🙂

Mobile card in Taiwan
One really important thing if you want to purchase the mobile card is you need to be of 21 years of age after birthday and you need both your passport as well as your identity card to be able to purchase a pre-paid mobile card. To what I remembered i was using the 台湾大哥大 prepaid mobile card for my entire trip!

Transport in Taiwan
Well, Taiwan’s transport is similar to Singapore. You can go to places easily via their Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) or metro, buses, taxis or if you have a least 4-5 above friends travelling together, you could rent a van with a driver driving you guys to different places 🙂 which i’ll leave the contact I hired with in this trip. The buses itself is slightly complicated but if you want to travel out of Taipei, you can take the bullet train or buses which I’m not really sure how to go about doing that.

You can check out the map of metro system in TAIPEI via here: http://www.trtc.com.tw/MP_122031.html

Language in Taiwan
The main language in taiwan would be mandarin. Most of the Taiwanese can speak mandarin or dialect. I spoke to them in mandarin most of the time 🙂 Please take note that the chinese characters there is not simplified chinese so you might not be able to read the characters.

Culture in Taiwan
One of the culture we realised when we’re in Taiwan is that they’re very particular about recycling, being environmental friendly. You could rarely find a bin on the streets of the night markets. According to one of the locals, they said they have to pay for their garbage bags hence there’s none on the streets (you could purchase it from the convenience stores). Each of the vendors will have it so if you were to purchase some stuffs for them, you could just kindly ask if they could help you throw your trash 🙂

Also, their dustbins are segregated into plastics, paper, cans & other wastes. So be sure to throw the right rubbish into the bin before the auntie comes screaming at you.

Yup that’s about all! I’ll add-on during any of the posts if i remember any thing else.

You might want to leave a comment too if you have any questions or you would like to know!

Await for my Day 1 & 2 posts alright! 😀

Have a blessed week ahead.



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